An American wake-up call

Watching how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton operate, with their enemies lists, where he issues veiled threats, channeling Mussolini’s ghost for his strongman image and she unleashes Clinton sewer rats to attack her political enemies and silence them, the following video should be watched by every American, to warn where an American road, with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, as President, leads. I’ve already experienced being investigated by the Clintons and having a retired general sent to silence me during impeachment. I’ve lived all these years, since 1998, looking over my shoulder and not being able to trust anyone – my own husband was manipulated into having me sent to a mental facility. My Messages of mhere story tabbed at the top of my home page, while written in a light manner and with pseudonyms is the TRUTH.  I understand this man’s feelings completely, because I feel like I’ve been living in a cage too.  I want to be FREE in America again!

This video above shows how quickly a state can descend into tyranny – it should serve as an American wake-up call.


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4 responses to “An American wake-up call

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Extraordinary video.

    Because so much of our lives depends on electronic communications now it would happen even more quickly.

    Because I have lived in the Los Angeles area since 1962—over half a century—I have been in two major earthquakes. The first thing that happens after the shaking stops is the electricity goes off. Even before our deep dependence on cell phones, the loss of electricity made the world scary, because there were no traffic lights, no refrigeration, etc., but of course things finally came back on. Nowadays, there is even more dependence, and If there is a major shutdown of the electric grid—something a hostile federal government could do easily—life would get very ugly, very, very quickly. An associated attack on wifi and other avenues of communication, added to the inability to recharge equipment, would create acts of unspeakable damage as people tried to survive.

    And that’s just one way to destroy people. Simultaneous other areas of directed attack are available to an enterprising hostile president who decides on selected geographical arenas of attack.

    People have no idea how quickly Hell can arrive now.

  2. You are so right Minta. The thing that hit me was how he said, “these were my father’s friends”. You need to beware of evil.

  3. Robert

    “People have no idea how quickly Hell can arrive now.” We Americans have been so accustomed to peace and prosperity that the attitude of “it can’t happen here” has taken over. It can. Human nature never changes.

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