Just some links

Here are just a few things on my mind:

A Chinese insurance company trying to buy Starwood Hotels and Resorts

A Chinese group buying the Chicago Stock Exchange

Chinese buying US companies at record rate

Strange bio notes – pay attention to #1

The strange Soros vs. Murdoch endless agitation propaganda that is tearing America apart.


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5 responses to “Just some links

  1. JK

    That last item.

    If the polarisation between liberal progressives and the conservative Tea Party is getting worse in the US, thank these men.


  2. Minta Marie Morze

    Liberty, JK, in my opinion, after reading a lot about Murdoch in different places and over the years, I think that Murdoch doesn’t want a “dictatorial democracy” like the article writer said, Murdoch wants a prosperous, entrepreneurial America. Left-Wing writers think anyone even slightly to the Right is a fascist. This funding does mean, of course, that the Tea Party and the Progressives are growing further apart (if that’s possible). Kasich himself is definitely in Soros’ pocket.

    I know this is a controversial subject, and we all have our own opinions.

    The one indisputable point in this is that Soros wants to destroy and collapse America.

    As to the Chinese buying up businesses and real estate, I expect this kind of thing to increase as America, with Soros’ money funding collapse, gets poorer and poorer.

    This is the most important election I can think of, and at the same time, one of Soros’ buddies owns a company that supplies a lot of the electronic voting machines, including voting online—which is the stupidest thing we can allow, it’s as bad as no conditions on absentee ballots (which always magically show up in important elections when possible to give the election to the Democrat candidate.)

  3. JK

    99& Total Agreement Minta.

    Slight disagreement re Murdoch specifically what “Murdoch wants” – lil’ ol’ me could not possibly venture a guess what’s on his actual mind. I’d suppose ‘a prosperous entrepreneurial’ would be, for his US empire part the best.

    Now his ‘best practices UK’ I dunno. He had that feller Peirs (sic?) Morgan heading up the British sector didn’t he?

    • Piers who is now championing Trump…

      His daughter embroiled in an eavesdropping scandal…

      FOX News in America as the 24/7 Trump channel…

      Btw, Soros is in the business of making loads of money too, but he has political motivations too, his are more in the open than Murdoch, who oddly enough has allowed FOX News in America to become the Trump Channel, despite Murdoch being an open borders proponent in the past – strange conversion there. And I am not buying that he allows his sons and Ailes to call all of the shots. He’s still pretty chipper at 84 and just married Jerry Hall:


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