Obama’s DHS

Here’s the Obama administration DHS, whom you’re supposed to trust to keep Americans safe:


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5 responses to “Obama’s DHS

  1. Robert

    It seems most of these administration agencies either can’t or won’t answer questions.

    • Robert, this is a deliberate stalling strategy by the Obama administration, which they’ve used repeatedly, to thwart reporting to Congress – all the Benghazi emails, the Lois Lerner emails, etc.

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    Progressives know that Reality and Facts are their Enemies. They are very careful to have no Facts whatever at their fingertips when dragged into OverSight or other Hearings. Any accidental reference to Reality is immediately quashed and Spun-Camouflaged into a Progressive Disguise.

    They know that the National Department of InJustice will cover for them in any case, and, in the worst happenstance, The One will Pardon them.

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