Diversity does not make us stronger

“Speaking from the Oval Office and surrounded by members of his national security team, Obama said the shooters perhaps had “mixed motives.”

“It is possible that this was terrorist-related. But we don’t know. It’s also possible that this was work-related,” he said.”

‘Mixed Motives’ in California Shooting by Michele Gorman

President Obama lives in a leftist bubble, where he turns every situation into a college classroom debate forum on his ideological causes.  He fixates on “narratives” and word choice over substance.  Most of the rest of the world lives where reality smacks them in the face, where brute force decides life and death struggle and where stark truths about human nature can’t be edited out, as some politically inconvenient line. Most of us in America live in the real world too, where we look at a situation like the San Bernadino terrorist attack, quickly assess the facts and form our conclusions based on those facts.

With unerring bad timing,  President Obama makes bold declarations about America’s enemies, where events unfold that quickly blow apart his carefully constructed “narratives.   “ISIL is contained,” the day before the Paris attack or  “No specific threat to US,”  just a week ago.

In keeping with the Obama administration bad timing, Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, announced all combat positions will be open to women the day after the San Bernadino terrorist attack by Islamic radicals.  Assuredly, Secretary Carter believes that “diversity” makes us stronger, which he stated, but here’s the truth – selecting the best qualified people for military positions and maintaining high standards makes our military stronger.

So, selectivity, not diversity makes our military stronger and that means assessing the qualifications that best meet the mission.

In grueling combat jobs, where even most men fail to meet the physical standards, common sense and endless research can pinpoint with reliable accuracy where the female anatomy falls short on meeting these standards.   The Army made sure some females made it through Ranger school, where questions of different treatment to get them through the course have been raised, but be that as it may, in reality very few women will rush to get into the elite units and few (if any) have the physical ability to pursue a career in these jobs. Adding women to these jobs adds no advantage – absolutely NONE.  It creates another PC myth that must be maintained, even if the lie costs lives on the battlefield.  That’s the truth.  The entire hoopla about opening these fields to women is really about female officer career advancement, not about making the military stronger.

In the real world, where America’s adversaries size up our force, they hear the claptrap from the Pentagon, but they watch closely what happens in reality, far away from the DC echo chamber.  President Obama has slashed our forces, he has purged top generals and promoted sycophants, his military decisions lack any coherence or strategic sense. And then we come to this latest announcement – yes, while feminists cheer about the prospect of women in combat, America’s adversaries are laughing at us.    The day after an Islamic terrorist attack on American soil, the President preened on about “mixed motives”.  Then his attorney general publicly announced her greatest fear is not another terrorist attack or keeping Americans safe, nope her greatest concern is that Americans don’t use hate speech against Muslims. And finally the Pentagon announced women in combat jobs…

America sits a divided nation – where every public institution lumbers under the weight of highly-charged factionalized fighting.  One can only wonder what event or chain reaction will set the final collapse in motion.  If our Republic is going to survive, the last thing to believe is that “diversity makes us stronger”.  What made America great was not “diversity”, it was diverse people UNITED by a belief in a set of common civic values. Having common civic values and a common belief in The Constitution would help gird up our once great nation’s crumbling pillars.  I’ve written about this need to find common ground many times (here, here, here, here and here)  and as I said more than a year ago:

Truth matters and therein the fate of America lies.  We have hostile camps in America, left and right, black, white and every shade in-between, who find it easier to treat each other as enemies rather than talk and find common ground as fellow American citizens.  We’ve got too much diversity training and not enough American citizen training:

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”


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2 responses to “Diversity does not make us stronger

  1. antiquarian

    By the way, LB (followed your link on waka waka waka), had you read this?


  2. Welcome, and thanks for that link. I hadn’t read that before- very interesting piece. The one American community where I have seen a very diverse population meld is Army communities, where soldiers come from all over the US and their spouses come from all over the world. Perhaps what’s missing in America is shared American values due to decades of focus on multiculturalism rather than assimilation. Around the Army, the soldiers have that shared value system.

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