A new American revolution

Planned to write a blog post this morning, but making some braided ribbon bookmarks with one piece of ribbon and watching kumihimo braiding tutorials sidetracked me a bit.  Politics vs. crafting, hummm, well, no real competition there.   Talented people fill the blogosphere with great tutorials, so it’s like a virtual crafting and sewing circle of creative ideas.  I often sew simply hemmed receiving blankets as part of my baby shower gifts and I found this pretty cool self-binding receiving blanket, that I’ll have to try.

Yawn, yawn guys, I know.  I shared this, partly because it’s truly how I spent my morning, but moreover to begin this political post about how we’ve lost sight of respecting individuals in our polarized, diversity-crazed, hyper-politicized culture.  This cuts across just about every aspect of American culture, where even the most innocuous things like an Easter egg hunt, can turn into a full-throated battle about religious sensitivity/intolerance.  No aspect of American life is immune from being targeted as somehow offensive, insensitive or subject to being banned by some politically-motivated idiots.  Our daily lives seem confined, coerced, constrained by ever-louder nutty rules, edicts, criticism from fellow citizens caught up in the throes of particular political agendas and we’ve reached the point where commonness curtails any hope of finding common ground.

Watching TV political punditry follows an in the gutter, street-fighting ethos behind perfectly coiffed hair and syrupy smiles, lies partisans  liable to hit below the belt and even stab with stiletto-tipped talking points prepared ahead of time.  Two incidents this past week made me pause.  CNN and FOX offer the “balanced”  fights, like the Mother’s Day face-off with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Michele Bachman hosted by Candy Crowley.  Even more disgusting was Dana Loesch and Jessica Erhlich going at it on the Kelly File on FOX last night while discussing the Benham Brothers controversy centering on their personal religious beliefs regarding homosexuality impacting their HGTV show deal.  No one discusses much of anything.   Folks choose a side, memorize the partisan rhetoric and off they go, indoctrinated to the point where objective truth, objective weighing of facts or objectively seeking solutions no longer matter.  It’s all about scoring political points and forcing your agenda on the other side.

Admittedly, my political leanings fall far to the right, that’s upfront and obvious on my blog, but I try to keep politics out of my everyday life as much as possible.  I prefer to talk to people and learn as much as I can about their lives.  You won’t find me holding up a hashtag sign, attending a political rally, protesting, or forcing my political views on anyone.  John Schindler, at the XX Committee blog wrote a piece on America today that’s definitely worth a read.  I rarely agree with his expert foreign policy and strategy writing, but in this concertedly “even-handed” critique, he hits on the sad shape of American society:

“If you cannot get out of the country, read more. Talk to foreigners, see the world through their eyes for a bit. Get out of your comfort zone. If you think either FoxNews or MSNBC has a monopoly on truth, you need to diversify your mind. If you believe the flaws in our foreign policy can be explained by just one word, and that word is either “Bush” or “Obama,” you’re part of the problem.”

Last year I wrote a piece, “Getting To Know You”, which sums up my view on the problem of living your life “knowing about people”  compared to getting “to know” people and our leaders could start by talking to each other rather than sending out political hit squads to annihilate their opponents.  I’ll stick to my advice in that piece, for a new American revolution…… getting to know your fellow Americans:

“Americans need to wake up and realize that before they side up against other Americans they had better take the time to walk up to those who hold different views and sit down and talk first. Perhaps by actually getting “to know” other people, we might be able to bridge the gaps and build a stronger nation, where all views from all people get heard at our political kitchen table.  And just maybe communities might get back to holding potluck dinners where everyone comes and shares a meal and gets to know his/her neighbors.  What an amazing concept that is – getting to know other people, up close and personal.  It just might revolutionize America;-)”

Time to get supper finished – stuffed pasta shells tonight and tossed salad….. I like to cook too:-)


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7 responses to “A new American revolution

  1. Kinnison

    From the sublime to the ridiculous in the PC realm: It’s the end of the Spring semester for many colleges and universities. The college students in California have adopted the working world’s custom of “hump day”, Wednesday being the middle of the working/studying week. In celebration of the very last “hump day” of the last week—finals and graduation—of the school year, some students at a major California university, as a joke, rented a pet camel and brought it on campus on Wednesday. Hump—camel, get it? They were immediately berated in public, on line and with complaints to the Administration by Palestinian/Arab student organizations for “cultural insensitivity”.

  2. JK

    Might’ve been worse Kinnison, those same kids could’ve requested to the “Inner USA” a request for a hog (I’m supposing a porcine could only be railroaded) to a place like California and then …

    National Bacon Day

    declared. And what that would’ve por[k]tended.

    Dear Lord this is becoming plumb ridiculous.

    Plumb ridiculous.

    Er, … is substituting “plumb” in the sense of a “mighty adjectivenal substitute” considered sufficiently halal so to keep those organizations from marching on Arkansas?

    I’m simply trying my best to preclude what could be bad, should those P/A organizations hit the western edge of Arkansas ignorant, they’ll be finding Razorbacks. And even Wikipedia is skeert of describing the general dispositions of these particular porkers.

    Eisenhower might but I don’t think Obama’d even attempt.

  3. Kinnison, Scary to think that these college kids are America’s future leaders, where they’ve been taught to fall into line with every lame-brained, outlandish, politically-correct edict from K through college. The left goes for the gimmicks, while the right wants feel-good patriotism and simplistic, “blame the Progressives” Glenn Beck style activism.

    Growing up in a large, blue-collar family out in the country provided a better education than an Ivy League school. You don’t have to agree, but you all have to sit at the same table for meals every day. Folks are still your neighbors, co-workers, fellow citizens, best to try and get to know them and find some common ground.

    We’ve got so many useless “intellectuals” coming out of our colleges and universities, who don’t know the first thing about honesty, hard work or really how to do much of anything, but they will inform you that they’re “experts”. I wish more people would think like Gladius – “Gimme A Knife” (Dec. 2012): https://libertybellediaries.com/2012/12/22/gimme-a-knife-written-by-gladius-maximus/

  4. JK, or home of the illusive “ivory-billed woodpecker”, that Elvis of the bird world. Even ornithologists from prestigious universities rushed to the backwoods of AR for that.

    While passing through in 2006, my husband and I stopped to eat at a locally recommended BBQ place, where my chatty young waitress patiently answered my questions about their claim to fame. When I asked her if anyone had actually taken photos or produced evidence of this thought-to-be extinct bird, she smiled conspiratorially and said, “Not that I know of, but lots of folks “say” they saw it.” And then she directed me to the cash register area to peruse the many woodpecker “souvenir” items they had for sale…. No woodpecker sighting, but I can offer first-hand affirmation that the pork BBQ was excellent, lol.

  5. JK

    Ah LB, you’ll be wanting to read some “real” Arkie birdbrained stuff ‘stead of that “Let’s get the tourists in here to Jonesboro and tell ’em it’s Memphis BBQ.”


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