Building a bridge

Another Ferguson, MO looming question:

The media and Rand Paul have run full-throttle about the “militarization” of police forces all over the country.  Not talked about in this latest media hype is the larger “militarization” effort by President Obama at the federal level, arming agencies, like the IRS and the BLM, to the teeth. So, Eric Holder rushes to send the FBI to Ferguson and the media is running, without blinking, with the story about the Pentagon arming local police forces and how that is a threat to citizens. So, who is promoting this “militarization” of local police and promoting training for mass civil disturbances, well, according to this 2013 Huffington Post piece, “7 Ways The Obama Administration Has Accelerated Police Militarization” – it’s the Obama administration.

For any citizen who cares to do some fact-checking and a little research, rather than be led by race-baiters and deceitful partisans, this Ferguson story serves as just a small flashpoint in a much larger epic battle being waged against US citizens by the Obama administration.   It’s quite amazing to listen to Eric Holder, who implemented “Fast and Furious” and long ago participated in such notable excessive uses of force as the Waco stand-off and his starring role in the SWAT type raid to seize Elian Gonzalez for deportation to Cuba,  He ‘s now the champion for Hispanic children to stay in America and he’s all for “militarizing” the executive branch, with arming even the the US Post Office and promoting the Department of Homeland Security to partner with local police to arm, train, indoctrinate them to look for “homegrown terrorists” and other domestic threats.  But, rest assured he’s the man to investigate this Ferguson situation.

Finally, the question, is the media a willing dupe to promote left-wing partisan narratives and little more than puffed up propagandists?  They’ve run with unsubstantiated stories for days now and when a video emerges that belies their urban myth fantasy, you can expect the press to run for cover or pretend they weren’t a part of creating the vast deception.

Rest assured the executive branch is behind  fueling the racial discord in America, they are behind dividing America into angry, aggrieved hostile camps, and they have set up this “divided America” canard.  The press is either too stupid or too blinded by politically correct dogma to see beyond the lies and deception.

Truth matters and therein the fate of America lies.  We have hostile camps in America, left and right, black, white and every shade in-between, who find it easier to treat each other as enemies rather than talk and find common ground as fellow American citizens.  We’ve got too much diversity training and not enough American citizen training:

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

From the OJ case to this current Ferguson situation, the chasm that divides America widens and deepens, making building a bridge more challenging, but build a bridge we must.  Moving beyond politically driven factions, a daunting challenge, if ever there was one, rests as the challenge that will define America’s future.  It doesn’t get any clearer than “united we stand, divided we fall”!


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4 responses to “Building a bridge

  1. JK

    Superb post LB!

    (Have to admit – you “could probably discern” I was holding back expressing on this subject so proximate to me – because, I wanted to see how you’d come down.)

    A little prologue and a disclosure. The latter first. Because of what – and “who” for – I do stuff, I’m subject to get drug tested. Now the prologue: I actually reside out in podunk-land (tho occasionally get “requested” to get myself to some urban places) at any rate

    Last June this small (population less than 3000) podunk town had a series of very early “no-knock” drug raids. Five residences, and seven individuals, mostly early 20s somethings although one old guy of 70 were the “suspects” – teams from agencies ran the full gamut. Our Podunk City PD all the way to the Federal level DEA. The five raids took place simultaneously.

    “The Haul”?

    0.6 grams of suspected pot.

    In case y’all don’t see the decimal point, “The Haul” = about one sixth of the weight of a standard US Abraham Lincoln penny [2.5 grams].

    Now normally and generally speaking, every citizen of Podunk that knows me, figures I’d be the last person (there are two pretty eyecatching decals on my personal vehicle for instance) anyways, I’d be the last person to call into question all this not so recent gearing up.

    But, I surprised many. I wrote a Letter To The Editor. On the paper’s website I even went so far as to include a link.

    I also have to admit – this trend gives me the willies.

    • The specific facts of this Ferguson case could exonerate the police officer entirely, but the larger looming problem of conditioning local and state police to treat citizens as potential homegrown terrorists/enemies vs being servants of the citizens is where the problem begins. And the federal government started down this road after 9/11 with establishing the department of Homeland Security and turning policing America into a “war”. When Janet Napolitano issued her report in ’09 designating returning solders as potential terrorists, I knew we were in dangerous territory,

      But it extends back to the Clinton years, where the wife of the CINC could use her influence (and government resources) to attack private citizens. And as you recall after OKC, Clinton & Company went full-throttle labeling every conservative in the country a potential right-wing militia member. I’ve been told I am on some watch lists, but I don’t know that for certain. If I am, that is amazing, as I have never owned a gun in my life, I don’t have so much as a speeding ticket, I abhor violence and am a stickler for following the rules. I guess being a homemaker and baking some killer cookies put me on the list…….. but my situation happened long before the food police FLOTUS;-)

  2. JK

    The specific facts of this Ferguson case could exonerate the police officer entirely …

    I’d go so far LB to state, actually the specific facts (as known to date) already do exonerate the officer. Now whether a “sacrificial lamb” must have its throat slit to slake the mob’s thirst for *Justice remains an open question.

    But it extends back to the Clinton years …

    Agreed. It does extend back to the Clinton years but, I’m betting you’re not alluding to the same decade I am.


    I’ve been told I am on some watch lists, but I don’t know that for certain.

    All you’d have to do to find out is; purchase an airline ticket for say, Turkey then go through the line as if trying to get to the departure gate. Or apply for a CCL (even if you don’t intend to make a purchase).

    It’s actually easier to get on a list than 90% of the population realizes. We can thank every Congress Critter on both sides of the aisle who voiced an “Aye” for the Patriot Act – which made possible

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