Another tale from the Obama Chronicles

In recent days, due to the unfolding terrorist attacks in Paris, in which at least one of the terrorists (possibly two) got into France using a fake Syrian passport, the US Refugee Resettlement Program has come under fire. Open borders advocates insist that there are no cases of refugees committing terrorist attacks in the US.

Back in 2013, the FBI charged two Iraqi refugees, who had gone through the Refugee Resettlement Program on terrorism charges, as both were known Iraqi bomb-makers, whose bombs were used to attack American soldiers. In 2013 the State Department paused the refugee program to review the process. This ABC story includes a 10 minute video report, which explains the refugee process:

So, only two years ago the FBI believed that dozens of Al Qaeda terrorists may have moved to the US as refugees, yet now the Obama administration insists all is well and it’s safe to allow tens of thousands of refugees from war-torn Syria. For a detailed and extensive chronicling of the problems with the Refugee Resettlement Program, please check out Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch (here).  Sometimes Often, I feel like a broken record, stuck in the same worn out groove, so let me just say, I’ve covered this refugee “issue” several times before, like here, here, here, here, and   here.  Short version:  The State Department pays millions of dollars to religious charities to provide the services in this refugee resettlement program, so as these charities preach about helping the poor refugees, keep in mind these charities are raking in millions

After being dead wrong so many times, you’d think the Obama administration might get a clue that they’ve made grievous  policy blunders, but nope, the narcissist-in-chief and his pompous secretary at the State Department double down, rather than face up to their gross incompetence.  In a world where “ISIS is contained” didn’t really mean “contained” but instead meant “geographically contained”, you can be sure that if more terrorists enter the US through this refugee process, which Kerry and Johnson describe as “extraordinarily thorough and comprehensive“, these terms will be up for redefinition.  They’ll  just churn out more pathetic narratives, penned by some of the best fiction writers in the country,

So gather round the campfire for another tale from the Obama Chronicles…. a 4 and 1/2 page Kerry tale, in the form of a letter sent to the MA state governor to assuage concerns about the Refugee Resettlement Program.  Pay attention:

Administration officials outlined the security steps now taken:

Candidates are first interviewed by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (pssst, these are UN flunkies with no loyalty to the US) to determine their eligibility for refugee status — whether individuals have been persecuted based on political opinion, social group, race, religion, or nationality.

The State Department then takes over the process, through contracted resettlement support centers (pssst, got that contracted – often religious groups making money off the federal government) that conduct further interviews. The State Department performs background checks using a variety of terror, law enforcement, and intelligence databases.

The State Department then takes over the process, through contracted resettlement support centers that conduct further interviews (pssst, this involves asking them stuff like, “Are you a terrorist?). The State Department performs background checks using a variety of terror, law enforcement, and intelligence databases (pssst, in Syria there is no intelligence database to check against and even the Syrian government can not vet that passports are legitimate).

The US Citizen and Immigration Services and the Department of Homeland Security conduct further reviews and interviews. The process includes vetting biometric information, such as fingerprints,(pssst, places like Syria or Somalia dont’ have governments to check databases for known criminals) for those between the ages of 14 and 79.

For a better description of the actual vetting process, refer back to the  ABC 1o minute video, linked above where Brian Ross investigated the refugee screening process.  Our national security is being contracted out – that’s the bottom line and don’t you feel much safer knowing Jeh Johnson and John Kerry took so much care in choosing carefully vetted language, designed to dupe you into believing they can actually vet these refugees….



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5 responses to “Another tale from the Obama Chronicles

    • Amazing, that was 2008 with fake relatives and now we’ve got hordes of fake Syrians and the US government is still contracting out the vetting to the UN and these religious charities, who receive millions of taxpayers’ money to provide “services” for refugees.

  1. Robert

    The UN? Aren’t they pretty much working for the “other side”? The “religious organizations” are on the dole in these matters. The most irksome to me, the AFSC, Quaker affiliated. Going forward, I’m betting the amount of leaking of info from DoD, CIA, CentCom, State Dept etc will be unmatched over the next 12 months. After Obama, many people will want to be thought of as “still American”.

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