A revamped Refugee Resettlement Program needed

The refugee crisis engulfing Europe may seem like a “not our problem” issue here in America, but the Obama administration has not closed the door firmly on resettling more refugees from the Mid-East here.  At http://www.msn.com there’s a short news article which states:

“WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is opening the door to the possibility of allowing more Syrian refugees into the United States, marking a subtle but significant change in the White House’s thinking about how best to respond to the mounting humanitarian crisis.

“The administration is actively considering a range of approaches to be more responsive to the global refugee crisis, including with regard to refugee resettlement,” said Peter Boogaard, a spokesman for the National Security Council, said Monday.”

Here’s a link to a USA Today news video, stating that the White House must decide on next year’s quota of Syrian refugees the US will take in by October 1st and also states many Democrat Senators are urging President Obama to drastically increase the number of Syrian refugees.

Although, the refugee crisis at the moment is not a US problem, these murmurs in the news serve as warning bells and it seems likely another massive White House effort at writing a narrative and selling it to the American people will launch soon. I wrote a piece yesterday on things to keep in mind:

The photo of a little Syrian Kurdish boy, Aylan Kurdi, who washed up on shore in Turkey, when the boat his family was in overturned, has become the face of the Mid-East refugee crisis. The world now faces another of those media-inspired propaganda blitzes to force action. Americans need to tread with extreme caution and learn from last year’s Central American “refugee” illusion.

Last summer Americans fell prey to deft propaganda about some, as heretofore unknown, Central American crisis fueling the large influx of illegal immigrants, many children, from that region. The story took flight and suddenly the media produced stories about a gang crisis in Honduras, as the impetus of this influx. Even the New York Times splashed, “Fleeing Gangs, Children Head to U.S. Border.” Reporters rushed to Central America and reported on the terrible gang violence and drug cartels wreaking havoc.

A Huffington Post piece, by Matt Garcia, spells out the semantical magic wand waved to poof these illegal immigrants into protected “refugees fleeing violence”. Garcia writes:

“The upsurge of 240,000 migrants in recent months, 52,000 of them unaccompanied minors, has unleashed the same arguments we’ve witnessed in the endless debates about immigration. But once we consider the twin questions of “why is this happening?” and “how should we respond?” it becomes clear that the current crisis is more of a humanitarian one than it is another chapter in our immigration debates.

The fact that many migrants have come from one of three countries–Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala–suggest that something is wrong there. Although critics of these refugees hate to admit it, the crisis exposes a legacy of flawed American policies in the region: from the CIA-inspired coup d’état in Guatemala (1956), to bribes of Honduran officials to suppress export taxes on bananas by U.S. agricultural conglomerate United Fruit (in the late 1960s and through the mid-1970s), to the US-financed Contra Wars in Nicaragua that consumed its neighbors, and the CIA involvement in Guatemala’s civil war (the 1980s).”

Eureka, it’s all our fault, in this roundabout reasoning, which permeates the political Left in America. If you, being a daily news reader, like me, wondered how this terrible crisis in Central America passed unbeknownst to you, well, it’s because the media, leftist activists and the Obama administration manufactured this crisis to foster another of their “narratives” to sway American public opinion.

Many ironies, like Rahm Emanuel offering to take in refugee children fleeing Central American gang violence to his lovely gang violence plagued Chicago or Nancy Pelosi pontificating that these illegal immigrant children should be treated like refugee Jesus, provided dark humor elements to this surreal crisis, as I tried to figure out, “what in the heck is going on here?” Then, conservatives from Glenn Beck to George Will jumped on board the “save the poor refugee children” bandwagon and after that the story faded from the headlines and this Central American crisis, likewise disappeared too.

The key to understanding the situation lies in understanding how the Refugee Resettlement Program, run by the U.S. State, Health and Human Services and Homeland Security Departments operates. Ann Corcoran, a homemaker working on her farm in rural Maryland, has researched and tracked this program since 2007 and created a website, Refugee Resettlement Watch, to provide information, which our own government tries to shield from scrutiny. Within this Refugee Resettlement Program, many Christian charities rake in big bucks from the federal government to assist in care and relocation of “refugees.”

A conspiratorial mind might believe that the Obama administration calculatingly encouraged this influx of illegal immigration and used a manufactured crisis to give them protected status, all for partisan political purposes, like bolstering Dem voting demographics in key areas around the country. With this current Mid-East refugee crisis, the stakes rise much higher than partisan politics, where mistakes could jeopardize our national security.

Before America begins taking in an influx of refugees from war-torn Syria, Iraq, Libya and other people reaping the harvest of that other leftist propaganda, the not-so-glorious Arab Spring, we must demand a thorough airing and housecleaning of the Refugee Resettlement Program and the implementation of a careful vetting process. State and local governments should be informed by the federal government before refugees are relocated in their communities and outreach programs, geared at integrating refugees in communities should be implemented.  Most of all the American people deserve truthfulness and transparency about the refugees brought into America.  Within Pelosi’s “refugee Jesus downtrodden” from Central America were many violent gang members. Within hordes of Mid-East “refugees” the American taxpayer could be paying for travel and relocation of Islamic State terrorists.

Our national security should come before feel-good gestures. Perhaps, President Obama and his fellow, hand-wringing leaders in Europe might want to rethink their collective failure to deal with the Syrian crisis, the power vacuum they left in Iraq and crafting an Iranian deal, which lifts the sanctions and assures a path to the biggest state-sponsor of terrorism becoming a nuclear power.

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