Musings on the 3rd Republican Debate

Assuredly the professional punditry class will dissect last night’s CNBC Republican debate at great length, so here are my amateur viewer observations.

Last night’s debate started off predictably, like the two previous GOP debates, which differ markedly from the one Democratic debate, the quintessential Hillary coronation, where the entire exercise was to airbrush her scandal-ridden, lying image into the feminist icon, “first woman President”.

So, the questions began last night – personally insulting questions designed to destroy each candidate’s credibility, questions designed to incite attacks between the candidates and sadly, Kasich, Trump, Bush and Rubio played along, until Ted Cruz, the candidate who was passed over quickly in the previous two debates, stepped into the fray and neatly turned the tables on the moderators, who appeared to be left-wing shills.

After that the debate actually got into some interesting policy exchanges and although I doubt, Cruz or Christie can ever garner the GOP nomination, let alone win in a general election, they assuredly are two of the smartest minds in the GOP field.

Trump toned it down somewhat and stayed quiet a good bit of the time, so he walked away unscathed.  In fact, the only candidate that seemed to diminish as the debate wore on was Fiorina, whose chances to speak sounded like rehearsed campaign sound bites and boring boiler plate partisan attack lines.

Huckabee  had the best line of the night comparing the government to that US Army blimp that tore loose of it’s mooring and reeked havoc tearing down power lines yesterday.

All in all, I thought the GOP candidates finally got a chance to demonstrate why the GOP has much more to offer than Hillary Clinton, with her recycled liberal mantra from 30 years ago.   Frankly, her ideas sound almost as old, tired and repetitive as her lies.  You’ve got to hand it to her though, the mainstream media remains loyal and it looks like there is no level too low for them to sink to help her campaign.

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