Mutually assured destruction?

Here’s a response to a poster, Schmutzli, at the American Thinker this morning. The piece is by Steve McCann, “Behind the Benghazi Curtain”, in which he lays out the Clinton/Obama pact:

“If Hillary were to come clean and state that she was forced by Obama to go along with the Benghazi story as concocted by Obama and his staff for political expediency, then his long term legacy would rival that of Richard Nixon. Obama’s ego would never stand for that scenario. On the other hand, if the White House were to cooperate in throwing Hillary under the bus by pointing the finger of blame at her or undermining her bid for the Democratic nomination, her reputation would be in tatters for the rest of her life. Thus Benghazi is in effect a mutually assured destruction pact between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

So at this juncture in American political history the question must be asked: How much has the potential mutual blackmail scenario played into Hillary’s run for President?”

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I responded to a comment and included what happened to me in 1998. I keep mentioning it in hopes that someone might actually listen to me and investigate. Here’s my comment:

susanholly   Friday, October 30, 2015 10:40 AM

Yet, both Hillary Clinton and Obama will use The Constitution, if pushed, and it seems likely, with the Biden Rose Garden declaration, that the secret pact is a done deal – Obama has the power to pardon Hillary Clinton.  I doubt it will reach that point, because it seems likely that if the FBI finds compelling evidence of criminal conduct, the Obama Justice Department will do another Lois Lerner.

You could see how Hillary avoided the press from the moment her private email server scandal broke, because the Clintons were caught off-guard with that revelation, and at first, I thought it looked like Hillary was relying mostly on her inner-circle of her girl’s club to cope with the scandal.  That includes Abedin, Mills, Chelsea and a few others, but does not include Bill Clinton.  As the scandal worsened, I believe that Hillary, in a reverse of their roles, had to turn to Bill Clinton to be the fixer.   Since August, her campaign strategy changed dramatically and at this point she’s home free and she knows it – just look at her change from appearing cornered and furtive early in her campaign to now she’s laughing it up on late night TV.

I believe Bill Clinton, ironically, used the old boys club avenues of back room deals, to pave the way for the “first female President”, because she was too inept to fix the mess, she created, on her own.  She rode his coattails to power, because he is the political genius in the family, not her.

From the many reports of the Clintons living separate lives since the Lewinsky scandal, to include reports that their staffers communicate and coordinate anything where they have to show up together, I wonder if Bill Clinton was even aware that she did all of her official business on his private server, that he had for the Clinton Foundation.  The reports that he doesn’t use email would lead me to believe he might not have had any knowledge about that.  Have any emails between Bill and Hillary ever come to light in the email disclosures?

With the Clintons there’s always one more, even more egregious scandal, in the offing.  I was writing on the Excite message boards in 1998, during the Lewinsky scandal, under the user name “mhere”.  I was attacked in my home.  No one in my family would even listen to me, let alone believe my story, but it is the TRUTH.   And I intend to expose every last detail of what happened to me.  I wrote my story on my blog in 2013 and it is written in a light-hearted, snarky fashion, replete with pseudonyms, but every person in that story exists. Unlike the Clintons, I learned about the importance of what the Army calls “the 7 Ps”, so I have planned, since 1999, how to drag her to justice – following the law!  I am a nobody homemaker, but I swore the oath to protect and defend The Constitution, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, when I was a young soldier (Army journalist)  and I will continue to fight to expose an attack on a private citizen (ME), instigated at the highest level of our government.  I offered the real names of the “characters”, mentioned in my story, to several reporters over a year ago.  No takers.  So, I am using the comment sections on a few sites to mention my story and maybe someday, someone will actually investigate.

Please do read about Steve McCann, as Schmutzli mentioned – it’s a story in the archives here at The American Thinker, called “Saved By Christmas”.

I can’t make anyone listen to me or believe me and in truth, FACTS should be what guides us on our path. Why I keep trying to expose what happened to me is not to get attention or some self-serving publicity, it’s because I believe she is unfit to ever serve as Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed Forces. I believe, that much like this current scandal where they’re scrambling for political survival, she came across an annoying poster on the Excite message boards who was mocking and making mincemeat of their ridiculous spin during the Lewinsky scandal. I noticed some of my lines being picked up by actual Republican political pundits, just as parts of my comments are being picked up on now and used by various pundits.  The power of the Presidency cannot be used to attack private citizens!

I believe she sent her minions scurrying to find out who I am and I believe, they came across a retired general who hates my guts. I believe her minions fed him lies that I was some sort of threat to the President, which was a total lie. I was just a homemaker writing personal, political opinions on a message board. I have never had so much as a speeding ticket. I am a stickler about following the rules. And my husband and I do not own any firearms. We are law-abiding citizens. Most of my comments on those impeachment boards were about “No one is above the law” and “there’s no acceptable excuse for lying under oath”, but mostly I mocked their stupid arguments and I did refer to President Clinton as BJ Clinton, so assuredly that would anger Clinton “supporters”.

Let me expand on this retired general – he was forced to retire while serving in a foreign locale for President Clinton. The scuttlebutt that my husband, who was still an active duty Army Sergeant Major, heard at work, was that this general had to retire because of sexual misconduct, while serving in that foreign location, so assuredly he would be sympathetic to the President’s Lewinsky scandal. This general in the intervening years has become a reliable shill for the Democratic Party, up to the present, where he publicly offered support for President Obama’s Iran deal.  I believe this general used other soldiers in the effort to silence me.  We can not allow the Army to be used as a domestic partisan political tool – EVER!

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