Another lie?

Hillary keeps repeating the mantra that she never sent nor received classified information that was marked classified. Reading through the comments on Andrew McCarthy’s piece, mentioned in my previous post, a comment caught my attention. Of course, in this case Hillary sent a personal email, containing information that one would think was automatically classified – marked or not and the recipient does not have a security clearance. Here’s the comment and please fill me in where this reasoning is incorrect:

Douglas • a day ago

A question no one addressed at the hearing or in the aftermath. The fact that the immediate reports out of Libya that the Mission had been attacked by jihadis must have been classified communications.

Yet, Hillary immediately shared that info with her daughter who has no security clearance whatsoever and is, or was, an employee of NBC News.

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  1. JK

    “SI refers to Special Intelligence, meaning it is information derived from intercepted communications, which is the business of the National Security Agency, America’s single biggest source of intelligence. They’re the guys who eavesdrop on phone calls, map who’s calling whom, and comb through emails. SI is a subset of what the intelligence community calls Sensitive Compartmented Information, or SCI.”

    “As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton had no authority to disseminate intelligence-community information on her own, neither could she make it less highly classified (a process termed “downgrading” in the spy trade) without asking permission first.”

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