Defining the American strategy: REGIONAL STABILITY

I thought about this General William E. Odom advice on Iraq and President Obama did pull out of Iraq, but he has failed on the finding a new strategy.  We left a gaping power vacuum, with a dithering, weak, ineffectual administration allowing Russia to take the lead on now trying to establish some sort of alliance to prop up the Assad regime.

No matter how you slice this, it will mean neutralizing Al Qaeda and ISIS, which are the opposition forces threatening the Assad regime.  Despite the White House trying to save face with a propaganda campaign, I highly doubt it’s some U.S. backed “Syrian moderate” force the Russians are bombing.  The better question would be to challenge President Obama and John Brennan, the director of the CIA, about who exactly we have been arming in Syria!  I certainly would love to know who all these “Syrian moderates” are.

What we need is exactly what GEN Odom talks about in this video – a long-term strategy focused on “REGIONAL STABILITY”.  At the very beginning he mentions counterinsurgency too and offered some opinions worth thinking over:

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