The boys club decides her fate


While Hillary pranced around the Iowa State Fair, murmuring about “partisanization”, pretending  top secret email stored on HER PRIVATE server that SHE had set up in HER HOME has nothing to do with her, Bill was busy golfing. Yes, while she was serenely putting on this I-am-the-stately-queen act at the fair, her husband was golfing with President Obama trying to save her candidacy and assuredly playing hard ball. Old Clinton friend, Vernon Jordan, was there to mediate, this deal. So, the big-whig dem power brokers will try to hammer out a way to make this scandal go away quickly.

She rode her husband’s coattails to power and she still needs to use her husband’s power to survive this firestorm.   Oh, the irony of this feminist icon needing her husband to save her from this scandal….  Yes, the old boys’ club will decide her political survival in the Democratic Party.

She knew her husband was going to use all of his political power to save her, that is why she was so smug today.  The rule of law is for the little people in America!

Watch the calm Dem stalwarts come out and try to spin this server scandal into a minor nothing. Evan Bayh was on FOX tonight trying to quell the flames of Jeanine Piro. Oh, top secret information on her home-brewed server, just an “inadvertent mistake”, he dismisses. So in the next days the Dem inner-circle will send out more of the calmest old Dem hands to make this scandal go away. It’s a set-up, because as the Republicans and conservatives roar about the cover-up, she will keep her head high and pretend it’s a right-wing witch hunt – those crazy right wing-nuts and their endless conspiracy theories. The media will play along, as usual.

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