American Thinker article on Carly

Here’s a view on Carly Fiorina that challenges her “fighter” claim.  She definitely does her homework and makes it clear she’s studied the issues for interviews, but it’s important to look at her past comments and record:

“Carly: a Flawed Candidate”

The part about waxing romantic about the old Islamic Caliphate does sound tone-deaf, but it fits in with the PC attitude permeating after 9/11, from the White House on down – all that “Islam means Peace”,  thin gruel we were being fed.  The Islamic Caliphate, spurned trade and advancements in science and math, just as she mentioned,  that we should learn about.  That is not to champion Islam or an ancient theocracy and I understand the criticism of this being right after 9/11.

I’m still undecided.


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3 responses to “American Thinker article on Carly

  1. JK

    Thanks for the link LB.

    I took notice of something in Mrs. Fiorina’s words (as cited in the link) that, in much the same way as “that other guy’s words” enraged the supporters and adulators of a supposedly bona fide Great American Hero *might* be taken as echoing the same sentiment.

    And what, pray tell, were those words?

    “There’s no honor in charging a hill that you know you can’t take, only casualties … “

  2. JK

    Go tell that to the Spartans.

    (I couldn’t resist.)

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