More opinions on The Donald

FOX news is doing a rerun of the first GOP debate as I type this.  After a few days of reading news reports, watching TV news coverage, reading blogs, Twitter comments, it’s become apparent that the Donald Trump supporters believe he’s a Washington outsider who will change Washington.  Now, he has used his money to buy politicians, making him part of that thing his supporters claim to hate – big money interests controlling Washington, but there you have it – they believe he is a reformer.

He was a liberal Democrat until a few months ago, but he spouts off about illegal immigration, jobs going to China with language that barely rises above overt bigotry and here he is, a contender for the GOP presidential nomination.  Call me stupid, but I have not heard him offer any concrete plans or even calm rational policy ideas – all he does is brag and bluster along, hurling insults at anyone who appears to have irritated him that day.  He runs on sheer vitriol and from my observation, displays more moodiness than any woman I’ve ever dealt with at that time of the month, which sure seems what he was saying.  Okay, he backtracked off that “blood coming from her eyes or wherever” comment, but he’s the one who displays the symptoms often attributed to the female menstrual cycle.  Please, someone buy him some Pamprin!

Temper tantrums and endless outbursts and so much rudeness and anger and yet no real ideas, heck he seems clueless on history and foreign policy.  Any who criticize, dare to question him or even disagree with – beware, as his former reality TV star turned campaign official , Tana Goertz, boasted, “If you mess with the bull you’ll get the horns, sweetheart!”  Yeah, she’s another class act in this “GOP-goes-reality-TV mode”.

Earth to conservatives, you are being played!  Donald Trump will end up making all of you look like fools, because he’s not a conservative, he’s friends with all the people in Washington you despise the most (MANY of them liberal Democrats whom he was supporting until a few months ago), he’s shamelessly using conservative anger, but he has not offered a single true plan to change anything.  Maybe, he will call his friends, the Clintons, for some policy ideas.   Really, I am confused with how to take his undisciplined, petty, mean-spirited tweets seriously as policy or as befitting the future President of the United States.  He exhibits the self-control of a 12 year-old!

On the bright side, at least the Christie team prepped him to tone down his brash New Jersey mannerisms, because I don’t know if I could have endured the loud-mouth bragging from both a New Yorker and New Jerseyan in one debate.  Phewww, lucky escape for all of us!


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5 responses to “More opinions on The Donald

  1. JK

    I feel I have to mention one thing, especially in these days of “our” Establishment GOP working so closely with, despite how they doth protest, and Man how they doth protest! (one could conceivably get the impression Schumer and Cotton are now BFFs – Caveat: I don’t actually know what BFF means .. just how the context is generally framed)

    But one thing is true – without Trump “our” Establishment types would be insisting to us “our system” doesn’t actually work for the billionaires and, Hispanics and Queers are really our best friends.

    You might not LB have noticed my posting this elsewhere?

    • Thanks JK, that link is a must read and the author hit on exactly why Trump appeals to people. Too bad he’s spent his life swimming with the bottom-feeders he’s now decided to take on. Unfortunately, He is one of them, not one of us.

      • JK

        Unfortunately, He is one of them, not one of us.

        And there you nail precisely why – and actually, how – his circus tent will ultimately go down in flames. Trump is a tactician I’m pretty sure we all recognize by now, I might go so far as to say, a superb tactician.

        But in a limited campaign – to be sure not stretching the metaphor – a US Party Nomination Campaign no matter how superbly tactical Trump might be, I’m certain no sober-minded politics wonk would call the guy a Strategist.

        (Of course there is a danger of – which I tend to discount, I don’t really believe the guy actually harbors the least desire for the office … regardless he’d be successfully impeached – anyway there’s the slight danger he might go Independent … but because of how the structure stands that’s a bridge too far .. in my opinion. “Leverage” as he himself said albeit a different context.)

        He’ll stand through Iowa and New Hampshire – possibly do fair-to-middling good but – as soon as he gets to (and forgive me for putting an MSNBC link on your site) but as soon as he gets to this – The Donald is Toast.

        And besides as I mentioned above – he’d be impeached – and I’d bet he knows it. And knowing that The Ego could not possibly stand for a nationwide newspapers headline banner (and Drudge) blaring …

        You’re Fired!

        (Meantime keep a copious supply of popcorn on hand.)

  2. JK

    Edit – “Non-Documented Immigrants and Otherwised Gendered”

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