Opposition research full throttle

In the era of the information superhighway, let’s just call this a facer to the Megyn-Kelly-champion-of-women hysteria after Donald Trump’s comments.  Shoebat.com posted this five year-old video of Megyn Kelly sitting there talking about the size of her breasts, whether she has implants, intimate details of her marital sex life with none other than Howard Stern, who talks about women as sex objects in the basest terms possible.

Of course, I like watching Megyn Kelly, but let’s face it, on FOX News, female looks matter just as much as talent and if Kelly was not a blond bombshell, she would have never gotten her foot in the door.  The real “war on women” is actually being fought between women, with men being accused of waging it.  There’s old, hardline harpy feminists like Hillary Clinton screeching about glass ceilings holding women down and there are career women divided along ideological lines, BUT the vast majority identify with “feminism” almost down to the last woman.  They differ slightly only in viewpoint on where society is on the “equality” issue scale.

In the mix are the Megyn Kellys who didn’t hesitate to sit there and play along with voyeuristic sex talk with Howard Stern to promote her career.  FOX News has become a place where only beauty-pageant-looks-women need apply.  Many “conservative” women buy into many of the same feminist claptrap, defining deviancy down PC social issues as far-left feminists.

Frankly, way too many women want it both ways – they use their “sex appeal” to sell themselves, while at the same time bashing men for “objectifying them as sex objects”.  Men (and Trump) should have known better than to wade into this no-win minefield.  I didn’t like his comment, but more for it displaying an alarming lack of self-restraint than on it being an attack on women.

The real issue with dealing with the “war on women” is women define this elusive, undefined war, won’t admit they are the ones creating the double standards at issue,  while men are confused with what the rules are in dealing with women.  As a woman, I will state that women aren’t men, they don’t think like men and their approach to problem-solving is completely different, as science has proved.  It’s a public outrage to acknowledge this fact and frankly, it’s much safer to buy into men and women are interchangeable parts in society, ignoring reality.  Some unknown woman in TX got publicly shamed for making a similar type of comment on facebook, as Trump used.

Personally, in politics, I have no problem envisioning a woman as President, because women can be great leaders. But I prefer to see how they deal under pressure and know more about their record. The truth is cattiness is inherent in human females, from my life’s observation and even grown women can change sides faster than you’d believe possible – going from best friends one minute, but upon hearing gossip, they can switch sides on the drop of a dime to being mortal enemies, then later, all in the same day be back to being best friends.  Being a woman, and making it a life-long hobby to watch people interact, women display some loyalty issues and very often react to personal slights emotionally rather than intellectually.

My pragmatic view is there are logical reasons for sayings like: “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” and it’s called living in the real world.  In our current wimpified country, many men act just as catty as women, so let’s say I am looking for a person who can rise above the reality-show theatrics, lay out some plans to set America on a better course and display a personal history of behaving with integrity in both his/her personal and professional life – I want an honest,  decent person, of good character to lead America.  And that’s a very tall order these days.


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2 responses to “Opposition research full throttle

  1. JK

    Relief !!!

    I’ve been aware of the Stern interview for some time – Very Happy LB you came across it on your own!

    As an aside – Whomever wins the Republican nomination I think I may have the “winning comeback” when (and if) You Know Who takes the Democratic nomination then … when the debates roll around and the inevitable accusation of the “War on Women” gets hurled … all the Republican nominee need say is

    Well if I’m elected there’ll never be any confusion whatsoever, and nobody’ll have to hit Wikipedia to find what the definition of IS, is.

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