A short Mugabe primer

Here is another link to read, ” Cecil the Lion and Robert Mugabe”,  by Robin Wright at The New Yorker.  Wright clarifies the situation:

“Mugabe’s autocratic rule has remained almost impossible to investigate or challenge. Opposition parties are officially permitted but unofficially not tolerated. “Human-rights abuses range from violent attacks, and sometimes murderous ones, on opposition figures to detentions and harassment,” Roth said. In June, the State Department accused Zimbabwe of not only curtailing freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association, and movement but also of abducting and torturing dissidents—with no recourse. “Corruption occurred at every level of the police force,” the annual U.S. human-rights report declared.

Last Friday, Zimbabwe demanded the extradition of Walter J. Palmer, the Minnesota trophy hunter who shot Cecil with an arrow and then, forty hours later, finished him off with a gun. The country’s environmental minister announced that the “foreign poacher” had to be held to account for his crime.”

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