Buyer beware!

Many voters within the base of both parties feel betrayed by Washington insiders, so the Democrats have a declared Independent, unabashed socialist making huge inroads within the Democratic base.  Many fed-up conservatives have embraced Donald Trump’s candidacy out of total disgust and anger at the GOP establishment politicians, who routinely betray conservatives.

Perhaps, it’s just a personal call, but the Washington Post is reporting a call that Bill Clinton made to Donald Trump shortly before Trump decided to run as a Republican.  As one who remains extremely wary of Trump’s motives and his rather late in life swing to the GOP, this inquiring mind keeps wondering if he is just trying to sabotage the GOP.  Or more likely, the Clintons got wind of Trump considering a run, so Bill Clinton might have been trying to ferret information out of Trump or encouraged Trump to run, in hopes he would throw the GOP race into chaos.  Never underestimate the Clintons when it comes to underhandedness.


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