“Extradition to Zimbabwe”, be for real!

With all the ink already spilled elsewhere about Cecil the Lion, I had resolved to hold my tongue, but seeing the reports about a petition to extradite the dastardly dentist to Zimbabwe for justice,  made we want to scream, “Who in the hell is going to extradite an American citizen to Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship in Zimbabwe?”  Really, over a lion, we’re going to send an American citizen to Mugabe’s justice system???  Any idiot who signed that petition should be scorned and ridiculed!!!  Besides the vast, decades long history of human rights violations by Mugabe’s government, it’s also one of the world’s most corrupt governments too.  Americans need to wake-up and start thinking before they follow these lunatic leftist pop culture pipers, because it’s alarming how totally ignorant vast swaths of Americans truly are, yet they run around following TV personalities and idiots in Hollywood, based on emotional theatrics.

Various TV personalities do the man-on-the-street interviews to showcase  the shocking ignorance of Americans on just about any political or historical topic, but the  Mark Dice video on You Tube yesterday should alarm, not entertain you.  He stopped random passers by and asked them if they would support Hillary’s campaign promise to repeal the Bill of Rights if she’s elected.  Now, suspend arguments that she just might do that, since she has no respect for the rule of law, but truly she hasn’t suggested that.  Dice uses these outlandish videos to showcase how ignorant and way too easily led many Americans are.  Perhaps, its a toss-up on whether the worst part is these people blabber on oblivious to how lost in the fog of progressive muddled thinking they are or that these are the “low-information” voters the left tries to get to the polls.  Leftists rant about “their rights” constantly, so it would seem that the “Bill of Rights” might ring a bell that THE “Bill of Rights” might be something important.  What these people are following is celebrity.  Hillary Clinton is a celebrity figure in America.

Time to listen to that sappy song “Born Free” popularized by the Elsa the Lion story, oh my, I can ponder freedom and lions’ rights to life all at once… yippee!

Here’s the Dice video:

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