Patrick Poole schools the media

Once again Patrick Poole at PJ Media gathered all the clues for the hapless mainstream media who somehow can’t seem to find “a motive” for the Islamic terrorist, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez.  Mr. Poole’s:

“Some Helpful Clues for Tennessee Terror Attack Investigators and the Perplexed Media”

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One response to “Patrick Poole schools the media

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    The media helps build the walls that will eventually constrain most of them, though they don’t realize it.

    The designation of depressed criminal and not terrorist serves the government in three ways. (1) No purple hearts right now—hurting the military and their families; (2) no recognition of the nature of Islamist terrorism—as usual; and, (3) setting more bricks in the wall of turning depression into mental illness into violence—building the way toward designating a great many people as being depressed/mentally ill and thus to be put on the list forbidding gun ownership. Then, more things on the mental ill classification, such as those well-known crazy homegrown terrorists called the Tea Party, and so forth. They look like lists, but they are walls.

    This is the way a growing proto-tyranny slowly build the kind of walls that block people in, adding more and more people until all your enemies are contained as having some mentally ill condition or other.

    To alter a well-known quote, those whom the Progs will destroy, they first call mad.

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