Kathleen Willey, the former volunteer Clinton aide, turned activist to expose Clinton scandals launched a website, a SCANDAL a day, dedicated to keeping people informed of the Clinton lies, scandals and corruption.  Oh, yes, more fodder for the Clinton apologists to whine about a vast, right-wing conspiracy.

For the pundits ready to declare Hillary’s campaign on life support, ready to expire, here’s some advice, she will NOT back down, regardless how dismal her poll numbers.  As long as she has money to campaign, she will fight on.  She believes being the first female President of the United States is her destiny.   She is as convinced of this as David Koresh, the religious zealot, whom refused to surrender to her husband’s ATF, was that he was a prophet.  Yes, she is a megalomaniac, who will stop at nothing to achieve her ends.  The brazen lies, where she comes out over and over and tells more outrageous lies, insisting she is a victim of some vast, right-wing conspiracy, scream out that she’s not just ambitious  – she is a zealot who truly believes.

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  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Yes, she will fight to the end of her abilities. Yet—if you were Obama, would you stand by and allow HRC to gain the power to delve into your records, control the Intelligence, military, and justice department, and have access to your NSA gathered data, and more?

    Moreover, as he himself just pointed out, the Constitution says he cannot run for a third term. Whew! We’re lucky to have the Constitution to hold him back.

    The next year-and-a-half is going to be . . . interesting.

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