Walking the talk

The march to the left continues, so I’m just going to skip along this yellow brick road and toss out links to stories with my political commentary as we go.

There’s been talk swirling of the Obama administration trying to fundamentally transform the demographic make-up of communities across America with some HUD Big Brother plan to use federal grant money to compel communities to comply.  Sounds far-fetched and preposterous, just more of that “Obama the Marxist” crazy talk from those clinging to their guns and religion right wing-nuts:

“Feds accused of pushing ‘utopias’ in wealthy neighborhoods with diversity regs” (FoxNews, June 15, 2015)

“HUD’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing”

“Obama collecting personal data for a secret race database” (New York Post, July 18, 2015)

Just as an aside, the GOP remains lost in a plodding effort to pander to racial and ethnic constituencies, while the Democrats embraced the computer, high-tech new world, where they have stealthily worked to use the executive branch regulatory power to create new bastions of Democratic voters and break-up conservative districts.  They have drilled this down to the lowest level and analyzed this state by state, county by county.

And while they’ve been laying the groundwork for this HUD relocation plan, they’ve already physically relocated large numbers of illegal immigrants.  They’ve used the mainstream media to aid and abet them in the effort to banish the mean “illegal immigrant”  phrase from usage and recast these droves of illegals as “refugees”.

Duping the American public, an easy feat, as most of the American public doesn’t even follow the news, passed unnoticed and served as a crucial building block to get their plan off the ground, because “refugees” fall under the care of the US State Department Resettlement Program.  Refugees can be relocated in any state without any requirement that the State Department even inform the state government.

Demolishing conservative voting blocs and fundamentally transforming American communities to reconstruct carefully calculated Democrat-controlled  districts is what they’re really after.  The GOP doesn’t even have a clue!  They’re still trying to pander to the Hispanic vote and listening to outdated political strategists.  The GOP establishment invested more effort at sabotaging the Tea Party conservative movement than it has to actually studying what the Dem operatives  are implementing.

The GOP abandoned its base long ago, so conservatives  should invest time at trying to understand the far-left’s masterful propaganda and media manipulation in the digital era rather than continue reactionary hysteria.  Ranting that President Obama is a far-left radical, while a true statement, allows the leftist establishment to marginalize and dismiss those on the right who speak out.   The GOP won’t defend conservative values, so conservatives need to learn to organize themselves at the grassroots level, then build a network across America to promote American values.  Positive American messages will gain traction, while political histrionics will continue to alienate.  And at the end of the day, instead of whining, conservatives need to live their values, because nothing speaks louder than walking the talk.

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