Has the CINC called the families?

The White House narrative on the latest Islamic terrorist attack in America has yet to fully emerge, but the FBI is pulling back from the “terrorism” label, CNN is running a story about “something happened to him over there” and Andrea Mitchell is left grasping at “redneck hunting” as a reason he had guns.  Yes, the mainstream media will follow the administration talking points and wander further afield from the obvious truth, that the shooter, Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez was another Islamist terrorist.  Yes, it will be anything, except Islamic terrorism.

Th President visited New York City with his daughters today and the press have been all over that story, but I have yet to find any reporting to indicate that the Commander-in Chief called the families of the 4 Marines and 1 sailor slain in Chattanooga.  Has anyone else seen this reported anywhere?


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2 responses to “Has the CINC called the families?

  1. JK


    The CinC did make an appearance on TV. More “efficient” I suppose he might offer as that way, rather than waste all that time (and if anybody’s time is valuable surely it’d be the President .. only so much time to hit the links, shoot a few hoops, fundraise …) anyway, why not just do a twofer or, in this case a fiver .. and blunderbuss condolences via CNN.

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