Awaiting the fairy tale White House narrative

So, as we await more damning details on the latest jihadist to attack right here in America, be aware most in the media will play along with the ubiquitous “lone wolf”, ho-hum workplace violence trope and bury facts that don’t play into the evolving Obama administration narrative.   Unlike the white supremacist, druggie, Dylan Roof, whose sins must be born by all white Southerners and their Confederate ancestors, this murderer, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, in the Marine slayings yesterday in Chattanooga, TN, won’t bring calls to admit jihadists are inspired by their religion and you won’t hear the words “Islamic terrorism”coming from the mouths of this administration nor most of the media.  All tracks leading to connections to the worldwide jihad will be carefully covered as this White House constructs the official narrative – just remember the Benghazi spontaneous attack over an obscure video explanation.


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3 responses to “Awaiting the fairy tale White House narrative

  1. JK

    I’ve been seeing assertions LB on many sites scattered around “assigning blame for disarming DoD personnel” – but in the interests of accuracy the directive was issued 25 FEB 92, AD-A272 176 (Number 5210 .56)

    • In light of the current threat situation, where service members, their families and military installations are prime targets of jihadists, the security measures need to be reviewed very quickly. Don’t really care who “disarmed” them, but instead of obsessing over transgenders and how they are vital to military effectiveness (yes, Ash Carter made some comment to that effect this week) it’s time to pay attention to the real national security issues!

  2. JK

    Realizing (and appreciating) the focus of your blog LB … I wonder whether I’m likelier to get hit by some 20 something year old Kuwaiti or a bolt of lightning?

    Of course I realize which of the two possibilities is the one I can easier avoid just by watching the sky (and paying attention to my arthritis) but, given our “Leaders’ Propensities” … I’m figuring my watching the sky might not be so simply effective when my Grandkids near my age.

    Of course by the time they do, the only example of the word “Liberty” allowed their cohort is if any of them have been granted permission “as researchers” to study the Ancient documents such as either The Declaration or The Constitution, “Liberty” will be Top Secret.

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