Seeking American leaders

JK, provided this Baltimore Sun link, “Freddie Gray not the first to come out of Baltimore police van with serious injuries”, which is a report on Baltimore’s history of rough rides in the police van

Kevin Williamson at National Review wrote an excellent overall view of Baltimore corruption  under a Democrat-controlled government – to include the police:

The Washington Post ran a piece yesterday , “Freddie Gray’s life a study in the sad effects of lead paint on poor blacks”, describing the sad life of Freddie Gray, child of a heroin addict, born into abject poverty.  The article states Freddie Gray and his twin sister suffered from lead poisoning in childhood and includes statements Gray made in a 2009 deposition.

FOXnation has a compilation of Gray’s arrest record: “Freddie Gray Arrest Record, Criminal History & Rap Sheet”

I’m sticking to my big picture working theory that Freddie Gray is a diversion for the black activist bigwigs in collusion with the Obama White House.  Al Sharpton gets more face time with the President it appears than the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  Fomenting these protests and inciting the rioting is part and parcel of their plan.

Monday night got away from them a bit, so now Al Sharpton is in Baltimore trying to stage manage the show.  Elijah Cummings is in the streets trying to make sure things don’t get out of hand.  To demonstrate my point, there was an absurd interview on FOX News last night where Geraldo was talking to self-identified gang members, asking them if they were going to obey the curfew.  They acted like choir boys, so it struck me that on Monday night the police got a stand down order, and last night the gangs got one from their higher ups.

This is all a big sham, but due to all of America is watching this spectacle and unlike Ferguson, there aren’t any white power figures to blame, the optics are creating difficulties for them.  I suspect it’s all designed to set the stage for a huge federal power grab, where the executive branch tries to seize control of state and local police forces through a new regulatory scheme.  Of course, I’m open to being proved wrong, in fact, I hope I am wrong.

As to what actually happened to Freddie Gray, I don’t have any real facts.  I don’t know definitively anything about his health before the arrest.  I don’t know the details of the van trip to the police station.  There’s a lot of reporting based on leaked information from the police report, which we have no way of fact-checking. Freddie Gray is the little picture in this and his entire life was one of being dealt a terrible hand from the beginning.  Beyond how he died, we should take a long hard look at his life story – it is truly an American tragedy and more than that it’s an American disgrace that so many children in inner-cities live lives of  hopelessness.

Instead of screaming racism or white supremacy, perhaps in America, the land where shared ideals and a can-do attitude built a great nation, we might be able to talk to one another and find a way to rebuild the American team.  It’s long past time to stake out some desperately needed common ground.  How hard is it to find some leaders with character who can win the hearts and minds of young Americans again?   All the shouting back and forth , the political posturing, the grandstanding , new laws, more federal programs won’t fix this problem.  The fight is for America’s soul – we need to find ways to become ONE nation again.

More federal hand out programs won’t solve this.  We need a massive investment of people willing to actually get their hands dirty and help each other.  Here’s an idea, why not recruit military veterans, especially men, to begin a national volunteer organization to mentor young boys and young men in poor communities and teach them leadership skills and team work.  Instead of that idiot reporter blaming war veterans for police violence, perhaps we could utilize all that leadership talent in a nationwide program to provide much needed guidance and direction for so many fatherless boys.  The answers need to come from concerned citizens

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