Hail to the chief….

More “hope and change” news:   “Army morale low despite 6-year, $287M optimism program”

About the optimism program:  Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness

Not enough cheery news,  how about  “Amid chaos, Al-Qaida consolidates hold of Yemen province” and “Dempsey: US Focusing Airstrikes to Protect Beiji Refinery”]

You can place about as much faith in the Obama not-quite-a-strategy as you did in his 2011 statement:

” Referring to the threat from al-Qaeda operatives, he said: “We have cut off their head and we will ultimately defeat them.””

or how about:

Sadly, some say, while others do and the JV team keeps demonstrating that when they say, “heads will roll”, ahem, they do….

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One response to “Hail to the chief….

  1. JK

    Glad I peed before hitting this post LB.

    That is – after I re-checked ensuring I’d not mistakenly clicked on Duffel Blog

    So … tit-for-tat .. I’m pretty sure we got “The King of Clubs” today.

    “Who dat?” I hear you ask.

    Remember Donald Rumsfeld and that Bremmer guy?

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