Minding Your Manners

Wow, it took a major psychological study to conclude that what used to be considered a parental duty, to teach your child how to behave, really is the most important “skill” you can teach your child according to this article in the British Daily Mail:

“Self control is the most important lesson a parent can teach their child: Study says skill has a major influence on children’s lives

Really, here it is:

“The new research in published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

The researchers who led the study found that children with high self-control – who are typically better able to pay attention, persist with difficult tasks, and suppress inappropriate or impulsive behaviours – are much more likely to find and retain employment as adults, spending 40% less time unemployed than those who had a lower capacity for self-control as children.”

The article mentions yoga and martial arts and naturally nanny state “preschool interventions”, but it doesn’t mention good parenting at home.  Take it from me, a stay at home mother who raised four children, or watch that Duggar family on TV with their 19 kids – it’s all about setting a routine, setting rules (expectations of behavior) for your home, and daily reinforcement.  And most of all being a good example, but hey, “preschool interventions” neatly takes the parents out of the self-control training equation….


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4 responses to “Minding Your Manners

  1. JK

    I pray [in the 18th Century way of saying so LB] you’ll allow this comment to stand. I “hope” in other words. —- Too soon we forget I’m afraid is now, a mere years out, how stuff will be [Internet] recalled.

    President Bush [43] said … paraphrasing … “Victory will be when Iraq holds free elections.”

    So. There was a bunch of people showed up and got their fingers inked purple and no less an expert than a US General declared

  2. JK, I came across this PDF file tonight (76 pages and I’m only on page 10 so far): “Thucydides Was Right; Defining the Future Threat” by Dr. Colin S. Gray. That video you posted made me think of this, because Dr. Gray starts this paper expounding the point that history does not run in direct parallels and how in all strategic planning the one thing you can’t know anything about is the future, leaving us the past and the present to analyze.

    Too many think tank “strategists” drank the ME democracy project kool-aid, much of it peddled by the likes of Dr. Kimberly Kagan and her Institure for the Study of War, where GEN Keane is the Chairman of the board. Seems there might be some good reasons why autocratic rule seems to be the norm in the region… like rabid ethnic and religious factions, chomping at the bit to annihilate one another.

    My late mother explained why this democracy project was doomed from the start – 40 years ago (she passed away in 2001, before 9/11). Whenever I asked about the ME being a powder keg, she told me, “They haven’t gotten past throwing stones yet.” That sums it up – the people have got to advance their political thinking past tribal/ethnic/religious death pacts. Until then, the only way to keep any semblance of civilized behavior is with autocrats imposing it.


  3. JK


    Nobody’d deny General Keane being a genius?

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