A real discussion on ISIS

JK sent me a link to a War On The Rocks podcast, that’s worth listening to:

PODCAST: The Islamic State’s War in Iraq and Syria

It’s a round table kind of discussion on the debacle that is Iraq and Syria between a group of experts, who really offer a lot of interesting insights into the factions, politics, religious strife, policy approaches, history and also some opinions on ways forward at untangling this Gordian knot.  It’s a breath of fresh air to hear differing opinions and some discussion that is calm and filled with more than propaganda promoting an agenda.

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  1. JK

    Headphones are best used incidentally (but definitely not the “ear-buds”[?] that seem to accouter all the people on YouTube I watch walking into various sidewalk plantings, buildings, the occasional water feature, traffic … etc. Headphones basically, aside from the fidelity, tether the listener ‘elf ‘n safety as the Brits would put it).

    And as the podcast features prominently Iraqi ex-Saddam era Ba’athist military personages – in the very early bits … for when after the listener finishes but may still be interested:


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