Anticipation for her delayed “big announcement” has sent Twitchy a flutter with #WhyHillaryIsLate.  My favorite so far:

Fun fact: Google reminders don’t work if you erase your entire server.

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One response to “Anticipation

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    “Punctuality is the politeness of princes.” The Obamas and Clintons don’t even pretend to behave with class.

    What a cool link!

    Will Antonin—priceless! And there’s the added delight of the paintings and other esoterica he embeds. The image of the blind Milton dictating Paradise Lost to his daughters brings so many thoughts. And it reminded me also that Milton was a passionate and fierce defender of the idea of true freedom of speech. I looked up his most famous polemic on it, and felt the courage and wisdom of it.

    We could use a Milton, a Thomas Paine, a William Wilberforce, a James Madison . . . .

    We get . . . . . . . .

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