CBS Poll: Majority Of Americans Don’t Like Lying and Deception…

There might be hope for America yet.

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One response to “CBS Poll: Majority Of Americans Don’t Like Lying and Deception…

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Most polls are deliberately contrived to achieve an end, and that end is not what the poll looks like. Moreover, you don’t need most polls to know what’s what. The administration and the top Democrats lie through their teeth about everything.

    My conclusion? If they told the truth they most people would turn against them, and they know it.

    People who say that something doesn’t matter to them, say so because, basically: (1) Okay, it doesn’t matter; (2) they themselves are lying—perhaps they don’t want to get involved, or don’t want their friends to turn against them, or so on; or, (3) They don’t know enough about it for them to be upset about it.

    The Democrat’s know that number (3) is their main problem. How do I know the Democrats and their lackeys are well aware that reporting or airing the truth will make the majority of the public turn against them? I know because they deliberately lie, give spun narratives, keep it out of the newspapers, news programs, TV series episodes, etc., try to find instances when others have done something that can be twisted to look like it is the same thing, and, they are careful to make their lies and narratives into traditional American-high-sounding phrases.

    This is the most hopeful part: Their lies and narratives are always filled with American values. If they decide that they can’t lie about or disguise the truth, THEY IGNORE IT.

    Take heart, my friends. They know they’re in the wrong. Their every act and pronouncement shows they know.

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