Russ Vaughn: “Grounding Bergdahl’s escape turkey”

Now that Bowe Bergdahl is facing the prospect of prosecution by the Army for deserting his post and for misbehavior, his liberal defenders, those who swallowed whole Susan Rice’s assertion that he served with honor and distinction, will be rais….


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3 responses to “Russ Vaughn: “Grounding Bergdahl’s escape turkey”

  1. This has dragged on entirely too long. The Article 32 investigation was completed in October. The Obama Administration have been “studying it”. It was open-and-shut. With the evidence the Army has, Berghdal will be found guilty. No matter what kind of evidence his huge team of expensive civilian lawyers—all being paid by John Q. Taxpayer—introduces in extenuation and mitigation, the facts are that he willingly deserted to the enemy and that desertion was responsible for the deaths of 7 other American soldiers ordered out to find him. It is unrealistic to expect that Obama’s DOD will demand the death penalty, but life in prison would be a good alternative. And no matter how much time he spends in Leavenworth it will be in solitary confinement, because there are soldiers in that prison, that despite being convicted criminals and incarcerated for long terms, are still patriots and will kill him if they could—and they can.

  2. JK

    Too harsh Kinnison.

    Bra … I mean Chelsea’d probably enjoy a roomie.

  3. Kinnison, I concur!

    JK, “Chelsea” – John Q. Taxpayer is paying for THAT too…..

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