Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

They missed LIAR…


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4 responses to “Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    This is hilarious! I still can’t believe that they are really saying this. Their candidate for President of the United States of America (TA-DAH!!) is so delicate and fragile a little snowflake that she will melt into a little puddle of tears if the big baddies, or ignorant and badly educated members of the media, use certain words? There are people in this world cutting babies in half, burning human beings alive, selling sex slaves, wiping out all the males in villages and enslaving the females, and walking into large crowds and setting off bombs—and Hillary’s people are going to be monitoring words used to describe her??

  2. Minta, it’s the same old tired “victim of the vast, right-wing conspiracy” canard. Saint Hillary is always being persecuted by imaginary right-wing cabals and unfairly targeted by the press. They managed to package and sell Barack Obama as the second coming, so a heavy coat of Rust Oleum’s Plastic-Kote should do the trick for Hillary – doting grandmother, champion of women everywhere, most-traveled Secretary of State in history, and never forget………. “the smartest woman in the world”….. He was all about what “is” is, but her minions are going to strong-arm the press and America into accepting there is no “there” there in her cover-ups and corruption.

  3. Michael Adams

    Is “crook” sexist? Let’s just move past the forbidden words and move on into the substantive issues. The press has consistently papered over the cracks that reveal the ongoing criminal conspiracy that is Clinton.com. Now, they want to restrict even the euphemisms used by the media. So, OK, Let’s get right to it. Crook! Pork bellies! Keep ’em flying!

  4. JK

    Good to see you here Michael.


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