Muslim Brotherhood Official Says White House Official Was Present During Meeting With State Department…


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4 responses to “Muslim Brotherhood Official Says White House Official Was Present During Meeting With State Department…

  1. Thanks JK, I am confused actually. I read this blog story from The Last Refuge blog, then the linked story at The Washington Free Beacon (, which btw provides a link to the State Department briefing for Feb. 2, 2015. I don’t see Jen Psaki addressing this speaking to the Muslim Brotherhood issue in the transcript. Am I blind or simply obtuse, JK? The Washington Free Beacon needs to learn the lesson that I learned during the Elizabeth O’Bagy kerfluffle, which btw I noticed her being the political director for a Pro-Syrian Resistance lobbying group while doing a little goolging. I read her bio at the ISW. I mentioned my finding on Diplomad’s blog and just like that other journalists jumped on the story. There’s a lot of laziness within the mainstream media – where they prefer to cut and paste, rather than run down information and actually investigate stories. Back to the point at hand though – The Washington Free Beacon should do screenshots of all official documents coming from this White House………. the narratives frequently change, requiring rewrites of the “official record”.

  2. JK

    I had the transcript somewhere LB, can’t recall verbatim but Ms. Psaki gave a story that the State meeting with the MB guys was … well I suppose from the way she described it, it was “coincidental” or perhaps “merely incidental” because, according to her the MB guys were only in town owing to the “official invite” coming from Georgetown. O’Bagy’s alma mater I believe you’ll remember. Not that a specific department at Georgetown was mentioned though.

    I’ll see if I can rustle it up, hope I haven’t deleted a bunch of emails which, I likely did ’cause there’s been an intervening Saturday since this .. rather yesterday’s date, and Saturdays are when I clear stuff.

  3. JK

    I suspect this’ll do very little “clearing up” … but this is the relevant exchange from the State Department’s daily press briefing … by my emphasis I think you’ll see what I mean;

    QUESTION: Can I – just on (inaudible) something that came up last week, which was this Georgetown University-sponsored visit of the —

    MS. PSAKI: Yes.

    QUESTION: I’m just wondering if in the days since this first came up here, if there’s been any rethink in – within the building about the appropriateness of this visit, considering what happened afterwards and the photographs that some of the participants took.

    MS. PSAKI: No, but, since you gave me the opportunity – unfortunately, I didn’t have the accurate information on one small piece. The meeting was set up by the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, a nonprofit. So the visit was not funded, as you know, by us or the U.S. Government, but it was also not funded by Georgetown.

    QUESTION: Oh. Well, that’s – (laughter) – kind of a significant thing.

    MS. PSAKI: Understood. That’s why I provided the information as I had it, when I had the accurate information.

    QUESTION: Okay. So the Center for – whatever it is – are you comfortable with continuing to —

    MS. PSAKI: I think there’s some affiliation, but I don’t have any details on that specifically.

    QUESTION: Are you – is the building comfortable with continuing to do business with this center, this group?

    MS. PSAKI: Yes. Yes.

    QUESTION: Okay. So there is no – there has not – there are no concerns about what the people who were here did afterwards?

    MS. PSAKI: Well, nothing has changed about our decision to have the meeting, no.

    “Not particularly helpful” the common analysis?

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