The palace guard revolts…

Hopefully, I’ll be able to write a longer post soon, which will attempt to weave the many loose threads of our magic carpet that is the Obama foreign policy approach dealing with Islamic imperialism and we can take it on a test spin, but, alas for now I only have time for some links and a few short comments.

Up first, retired Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, came out stating that the President’s strategy for defeating ISIS and the larger Islamic imperialists (Islamist radicals writ large) isn’t working. He described a war being run by bureaucrats outside of the Pentagon, not by war-fighters. What he said stands as fascinating, but that he said this speaks to a shot across the bow, aimed straight at the White House. Yes, there seems to be a revolt going on and since the generals on active duty can’t speak out against their CINC, expect more rebels in the retired ranks to carry the battle to Congress’s doorstep. Some Mike Flynn links to check out:

The White House, amidst the chaos wrought by Islamic imperialism (yeah, I think that term works well) refuses to utter the word “Islam” in connection to those who invoke it’s name in all they do.  No the administration calls for “strategic patience”.

Alas, from Deep Throat in the Nixon era, onto the gabby,  gushing , little blue dress clad, deep throat in the Clinton era, veteran reporter, Bob Woodward seems to have cultivated some well-placed “anonymous” deep throat sources within the Pentagon:

Stay tuned and see whom the Pentagon insiders recruit next to wage their stealth proxy war.  Let’s hope their strategic planning can defeat the Obama sisterhood of Susan Rice, Valerie Jarret and Samantha Power.  Yes, Susan Rice is micromanaging our fight against ISIS – the same Susan Rice who claimed Bowe Bergdahl served with honor and distinction….  The same Susan Rice who blamed Benghazi on a stupid video….

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