Dishonoring a real war hero – another Obama narrative

Well, the Obama administration bent over backwards to portray Bowe Bergdahl as an American war hero and now, according to this disturbing Washington Free Beacon story, “Afghanistan War Hero Stripped of Silver Star”, a real decorated war hero, US Army Major Matt Golsteyn, has had his silver star war medal for heroism while serving in Afghanistan, revoked by Army Secretary, John McHugh. According to this report by Aaron MacLean:

“In 2011, shortly after a book by author and Marine Bing West came out that detailed Golsteyn’s heroism and quoted him making critical remarks about the American strategy in Afghanistan, I learned that the Army had launched a criminal investigation into his actions during the battle. (Again, full disclosure: I was also interviewed for that book, The Wrong War, and make a brief appearance in it.)

The investigation, apparently, had nothing to do with the acts of bravery that earned Golsteyn his medal. Instead, according to the Washington Post, which cited officials familiar with the case, it concerned “an undisclosed violation of the military’s rules of engagement in combat for killing a known enemy fighter and bomb maker.” The investigation stretched on for nearly two years, during which time the Army effectively put Golsteyn’s career on ice. In 2014, Golsteyn and his lawyer were informed that the investigation was finally complete. No charges were filed, but Golsteyn still wasn’t released from administrative limbo.”

The article goes on to chronicle how Congressman Duncan Hunter got involved in trying to find out what was going on with Major Golsteyn’s career freeze.  Secretary McHugh responded by taking the extraordinary action of revoking Golsteyn’s silver star decoration with no charges ever being filed against him or any evidence being produced to justify having his honor being questioned by such a public display.  This is the Obama run Pentagon, the narrative gets rewritten,  deserters get cast as “heroes” and true war heroes get publicly dishonored and smeared as war criminals.  Just another day in the morally-bankrupt, fundamentally transformed America with our fearless leader-from-behind (the scenes) stealthily destroying our military from within.


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2 responses to “Dishonoring a real war hero – another Obama narrative

  1. Disgusting, but not surprising.

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