Militarization in America – except for the US Armed forces

I didn’t really want to jump into the Ferguson mess, but being libertybelle, it’s hard to remain silent.  Enough already!   President Obama and all his friends in the far left activism circle are pulling a fast one on our incurious, gullible mainstream media and playing the race card to silence any who dare question them.  President Obama met with leftie radicals,like La Raza,  race agitators like Al Sharpton, along with assorted leaders from the NAACP, hip-hop, and select law enforcement folks (those who support President Obama’s agenda).  President Obama wants to create a federal police force and he’s using the Ferguson situation to move toward that.  Naturally, he’s already at work on another executive order to nudge more federal controls and oversight of local police forces around the country.  President Obama, through his community organizing friends, staged this entire national crisis. 

Frankly, a lot of bad stuff has happened to black folks in America since our country’s founding – that is a fact.  Racism still exists, also a fact.  To pick a thug who robbed a convenience store as the poster boy for all that is wrong with the police rubs many law-abiding Americans the wrong way – Michael Brown was a suspect for a strong-arm robbery.  His mother and her husband/boyfriend (not sure which) are inciting riots, which is a crime too.  The husband/boyfriend is a two time convicted drug dealer.  Yet, the professional race agitators descended on Ferguson and keep trying to bury the facts, rewrite the narrative and do complete character makeovers for this decidedly unscrupulous cast of characters.

The altercation between Darren Wilson and Michael Brown, unlike the Zimmerman/Martin situation, took place in broad daylight.  Plenty of  eye witnesses exist.  Some, who the Brown lawyers and professional race agitators presented, were obviously coached.  Now, in modern America cell phones are everywhere.  I work in a store where customers will whip out their cell phones and snap photos of incorrect labels, misplaced merchandise behind the wrong label, etc.  The Brown handlers first tried to pawn Michael Brown off as an innocent child until the convenience store robbery videotape emerged.  With all these eyewitnesses, most, if not all, who had cellphones, photos and videos of  the altercation must exist.  I’ve been wondering who has suppressed those from hitting the media.

While President Obama looks into the militarization of police forces around the country, who is looking into his militarization of the executive branch of the federal government?  President Obama has armed even the Department of Agriculture, but he’s disarming a whole bunch of the US Armed Forces…..  Odd!


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9 responses to “Militarization in America – except for the US Armed forces

  1. …Not to mention taking all of the rifles away from the U.S. Border Patrol. Oh, and while we were all focused on Ferguson, he released 6 more seriously bad dudes from Gitmo. (“Never let a good crisis go to waste…”)

  2. Thanks for adding to his alarming record. Reading the news on his ideas about the militarization of the police, apparently he wants to take away the riot gear from police dealing with armed rioters. One can only assume that’s to increase the odds that some bloodletting of police officers will assuage the “collective” guilt the President feels they owe for Michael Brown’s death.

  3. JK

    Malcolm has a “relevant post” up. My opinion I suppose I ought add, not that mine has any mass – mass in the sense Physicists generally are taken to “messaging.”

    • Thanks JK, I had intended to steer clear of the #Ferguson mess, but the continuing politicization of a tragic police encounter with a suspect for a felony level crime disgusted me to the point where I blogged about it. Sadly, too many people want to side up rather than evaluate situations based on the facts of each situation. Watching how quickly “police brutality” videos go viral and seeing as none have hit the internet on the Wilson/Brown encounter, while at the same time numerous “eyewitnesses” have been exposed as bald-faced liars, hints that the political operatives who descended on Ferguson have been trying to manage the narrative to fit their agenda.

      • JK

        Might take a look LB, at XX’s current. Recall Sammi P wrote a book re Bosnia which – I guess – qualified her to take a seat at the UN. & other places.

      • Just read it, thanks! Left a comment too.

      • JK

        I think a, one more cycle. Hard to know as there’s Politicians yeh-heying PA General Recipe Young Lady.

        Gawd ain’t no, generally speaking, a dime’s worth of difference betwixt either – but I digress.

        You’re probably mad I expect LB, at me for making … well, tending you to being ambidextrous – un-afilliated – but that’s not my fault … you reads and … well, you ain’t what maybe you was at one time.

        Takes abit for me doncha know

  4. JK

    Your last clause LB, coupled with Chamber of Commerce Joe (maybe tenuous … Orange John) leads me to believe your assessing “hints of political operatives” has legs.

    Centipedes … maybe millipedes. Hordes of frogs in wheelbarrows.

  5. Minta Marie Morze

    Great post and comments.

    In all the coverage of Ferguson that I have read or heard, no one has mentioned the fact that although there were TWO Black youths, only one was shot, and if there was racial hatred in the policeman’s heart there would have been two victims. The other guy was untouched!

    Nor has anyone pointed out that Brown had already shown Wilson that he was capable of violence against an armed cop to avoid being arrested—it would be logical to assume that if he got away from the immediate scene there was a chance he might take a hostage or hurt someone else. Those who say that once Brown started running away, Wilson should have let him go, are simply wrong. (Yes, I know, how foolish of me to drag Facts into this issue . . . )

    I saw the “reaction” of Brown’s mother and step-father to the announcement, including the repeated call to burn it down—yet it was reported elsewhere that the family was given the Grand Jury result earlier in the day. So . . . Let’s face it. We all knew from the beginning that Ferguson was a matter of Theater and Production, and had little to do with Reality.

    Liberty, you have a great point in believing that there are videos that have been hidden. It would be interesting if someone offered a reward . . . .

    And Golly Gee Whillackers! look at how many people are now
    saying that a prosecutor should railroad a suspect, should give a Grand Jury only evidence of guilt and totally ignore existing profoundly exculpatory evidence in his presentation . . . .

    Well, they got Gruber, the election, and the immigration thingy out of the news—what little the news was bothering to cover, which was close to the null set.

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