Books vs e-books, I choose both…

  After enduring working through another Black Friday sale madness, it sounded wonderful to spend the weekend lounging around the house in pajamas.  With no intentions to shop for anything, yesterday, enticed me into purchasing two Kindles for my oldest two granddaughters, ages 9 and 11.   Only $49 a piece – what a deal!  Of course, I added the insurance plans and then thought, “they definitely need Kindle covers too!”   That’s the thing about electronic devices, there’s always more stuff you need to get.  Decisions, decisions, so I registered their Kindles to my account, so they can access my library and this afternoon I happily thought about books I enjoyed at their age, browsed lists of classic children’s books and even the list of Newberry medal winners back to 1922.  No half-hearted efforts in the libertybelle world, lol. offers so many choices and great customer service, plus I think they have mind-readers there who crawl inside avid readers heads and analyze what readers would love.  So, I signed up for a 30-day free trial of Kindle Unlimited too.

My kids pushed me into the world of e-books with a Kindle for my birthday in 2010.  They hoped that would end my penchant for hardcover books acquisition and prevent my eventual decline into shamefully becoming a candidate for a hoarders intervention.   Yes, the Kindle helped slow down my hardcover book acquisitions, but I still love the feel of an actual book in my hands and yet, I also love the portability of an entire library that e-readers offer.

Unexpectedly, once the newness of my Kindle wore off,  I succumbed to a Black Friday sale price on a Nook tablet a couple of years ago, much to my regret.  Oh my gosh, my Kindle library was not transferable to my Nook, yes, a pox on proprietary corporate designs.  Beyond that the Nook doesn’t hold thousands of books effortlessly like my Kindle.  Eventually, a Kindle Fire blazed into my thoughts and I kept reading the reviews, reading the details and alas, I purchased one.   So now, I, the technologically-challenged butt of family jokes,  am the owner of THREE e-reading devices and I’m hoping that by providing classic children’s literature, in Kindles with cool covers, to my granddaughters, they will find whole other worlds to explore.

Sadly, there are die-hard clingers to nostalgia, who refuse to explore new vistas in the world of books. Today’s e-books and even access to venues to locate books rests a far cry from growing up being the proud collector of mostly hand-me-down books… of which most are still in my possession….  I’ve even got my oldest sister’s, 1957 copyright, Scholastic Book Services copy of “Watchwords of Liberty: A Pageant of American Quotations”, that still comes in handy when I’m searching for inspirational American quotes writing this very blog.  Then came the joy of purchasing cheap paperbacks from my Scholastic Books flyer in grade school, the definitive start of my book-collecting interest.  From there I moved on to joining not only Doubleday Book Club, but Literary Guild too, in my teens, using my own money from babysitting jobs to pay for my hardcover books.

The vast, easy access to information of all sorts, great literature, individual global communication capability and so much more should give us all pause to be thankful that some innovative people didn’t accept naysaying or believing in the “impossible“… or even worse accept the status quo.  So, if you’re old and dug in your heels against e-readers, please reconsider and give them a try….. one of the best features for older people is you can adjust the font size larger effortlessly.  Take it from me, a reformed e-reader critic.


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6 responses to “Books vs e-books, I choose both…

  1. From one book-hoarder to another, Merry-almost-Christmas! Here we are in Europe for 10 months and I have my 2 electronic readers with me—3 if you count my iPhone, which I can read on held sideways when my dear wife leaves me lurking the car in front of a quilting store. I have my Kindle DX and my iPadMini. The Kindle reads all of my electronic Amazon purchases as well as all of the other free classic stuff I downloaded on my home computer and transferred via cable before we left. The IPadMini reads both my Kindle and my iBook selections. I can download new stuff virtually anywhere there is WiFi service, which is everywhere here. Back at home, we can never move again. My wife and I are both avid readers and lovers of real books, and our home is full of literally thousands of them, almost all hard-cover. There are bookshelves in every room except the bathrooms, where there are piles on the counters. My Military History, History and Biography collection alone is over a thousand volumes, and my Science Fiction collection exceeds 2,200, and that’s not all by a long shot. My PhD wife collectes Science, Historical mysteries, vintage cartoon books and much more. We both collaborate on outdoor and art books, and the list goes on and on. It’s a good thing we are on bedrock and have a poured concrete foundation…

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    I want to echo all the thoughts above in the post and the comment—book lovers know the joy of being surrounded by thousands of books, whether in a library or at home. Now with the Kindle, etc., you can carry TONS of books without effort, and you don’t have to clear a spot for a visiting friend to sit. YAY!!

    Okay—so I still have to clear the spot, there are always books lying around with bookmarks and spread open to special pages—but you know what I mean.The Kindle fits in my purse!

    And, yes, being able to change the font size is hugely important.

    But I also have the app for “Minta’s Kindle on the Mac”, which offers me the really, really, REALLY stupendous advantage of being able to screen-capture passages I love, passages I want to show someone else, passages I want to collect for future consideration—ETC. I used to spend so much time copying passages into spiral notebooks, often copying pages and pages from library books, just so I could re-read the most thought-provoking paragraphs, or savor the brilliance of the actual writing itself, the way the words themselves dance on the page and in your heart and mind—screen-capturing is pure Heaven.

    Your granddaughters have a truly GREAT grandmother!

    • Thanks so much Minta! I am so glad you’re back too! I like highlighting and writing notes on my Kindle, because I can open my Kindle PC app and access my highlights and notes from my actual Kindle or Kindle Fire. If I read on my cell phone, which I don’t, I could access highlights and notes from there too. I like the inter-connectedness that the Kindle experience offers, but I like actually holding a book in my hand best. One of my sons went from a regular Kindle to the Paperwhite and he’s been telling me I need one of those, because it’s that much better. For now, I’m happy with what I’ve got.

      Here’s a photo of the late John Keegan at home……. a man after my own heart for sure:-)

  3. JK

    Just so you know LB & … my “regular desk” is in for brain surgery, looks to be fatal … figure a Total. None but interdepartmental email so … barred from entering non-newly-generated-then-texted-anew-each-time = major hassle so. Might take a few days. I am fine – the network … apparently not.

    • Thanks for the update, was wondering why you’ve gone so quiet. My monitor developed a red line down the center. My computer geek son brought me an extra monitor he had sitting around. He gave mine some pretty strong “technical taps” to no avail, lol.

  4. JK

    Incidentally – nice sidebar – thanks

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