Monster mash…

Watching these ever-increasing national media circuses vie for center-ring attention, a constant theme remains that age-old battle of truth vs. lies.  All those memorable quotes on lies, like the Oliver Wendell Holmes, “Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them all.”, come to mind, yet truth doesn’t seem to matter to many of the purveyors of rabid, partisan political agendas.  Moral relativists scream louder that the truth about the event doesn’t matter, with even elected national leader, Eleanor Holmes Norton heatedly arguing with Sean Hannity a few days ago (Mediaite video here):

“My interest is not in what happened, my interest is in what should happen!”

Finding left-wing examples of this disturbing disregard for the truth about the events that transpired doesn’t take much effort.  The deafening silence from the vast, right-wing conspiracy of elected Republicans, squirming and slithering away from openly discussing matters where race plays a role, screams of a moral cowardice, quaking with fear of awakening the wrath of race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  They adopt generic, milk toast sound bites, carefully avoiding, by word or inflection, anything that might offend the PC gatekeepers on the left.  The left does not hold a monopoly on “leading from behind”!

If I were an alien intercepting American electronic data, from TV to the internet, well, I suspect I would decide, “Skip them, there’s no intelligent life left there!”  If I were a human being somewhere far beyond America’s boundaries, likewise, I probably would wonder how such a sleazy, mendacious, morally-bankrupt culture still invents so much of the world’s technological marvels, discovers amazing medical treatment advances, and fields a military that is the envy of the world.  Yet, being an American,  I know the pop-culture doesn’t represent the large portion (not sure if it’s still a majority) of America, who struggles to fight against the tide of the negative, pernicious reach of moral relativism that seeps into our daily lives, gradually lulling people into accepting warped reasoning, meaningless slogans and deliberately deceptive “narratives”.

Words carry meaning.  That is why the moral relativists devote so much effort to creating new phrases that turn Judeo-Christian morality, from which America’s cultural mores grew, on it’s head, leaving a zombie like acceptance and regurgitation of the lexicon of the left.  With each submission to the new phrases, reasoning recedes, mindless, emotion-driven narratives fill that deafening silence left by cowardly Republicans, leaving us with the Zombie Apocalypse upon us.  Yes, we should fear our demise from mindless, political zombies rampaging on the streets of America!  Life imitating fiction, somehow fitting for the moral-relativist script for our national  “narratives”, replete with cannibalistic monsters who feed on human flesh…


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9 responses to “Monster mash…

  1. Goebbels called it “the big lie”. Repeat lying propaganda often and loud enough and with enough emotion and people will believe it.

  2. I hedged a little, Kinnison, avoiding the glaring similarities among totalitarians’ use of propaganda, but yes, they keep repeating lies, longer and louder……. drowning out dissenting, calmer voices of reason. Creating angry, riotous mobs serves as the true goal of these so-called champions of social justice. Van Jones’ dream of creating race wars appears within his grasp

  3. Minta Marie Morze

    Like the zombies, the Left feeds on humans, but it is on souls and human potential that it tears and shreds. It is omnivorous: it feed not only on the ideals and hopes of its victims, but also on the achievements and happiness that might have come to those who fall sway instead to the manipulation of the Left’s narratives.

    This harkens back to another of Liberty’s posts—the one about the importance of asking questions. The Left’s narratives and new terms and phrases are deliberately constructed to pre-emptively answer any questions that might have arisen in the normal course of life. They are to provide a self-righteous anger against any questions that might be asked by others; indeed, they are intended to render curiosity impotent, and to distort and make grotesque any search for truth. They thrive on problems, blue-print the exact confines and architecture of “solutions”, and seek to define the contours and emotional construct of every issue—especially controlling, by whatever means necessary, the words, phrases, topics, ideas, and content, even the mental geography, of permissible questions.

    As Liberty says, finding the examples of the Lying Left is easy. In just the past few weeks, battlefields of Progressive sound and fury have developed around narratives involving a multifarious concatenation of issues, including UVa, Gamergate, a scientist’s sartorial splendor, Ferguson, gruberisms, the U.S. president’s power, and countless others, offering a particularly rich display of Leftist angst and apoplexy over those who dare to Question “The Facts”, Offer A Conflicting Narrative, Dig Up An Old Video Of, or, [gasp!] Interrogate Their Betters.

    One might even sense that the Left is growing a bit more angry and defensive in the face of some of the liberties the Right is taking in criticizing They Who Must Be Obeyed. It’s extraordinary how many Leftists recently have actually put into words the belief that it is Evil and Hateful to bring up Facts and the Truth when one is discussing A Higher Cause.

    They’re slipping, and their faces more often show it now when they are being interviewed. One can always hope that that some of their own slippery slopes become slippery drops.

    And may God bless America.

  4. Bravo Minta! Wow, a multifarious concatenation of issues, boy, I wish I had thought up that phrase. Great comments!!! You explained it perfectly and yes, the goal is to silence the opposition and mark all their power grabs as acts of unparalleled compassion and grand humanitarianism, with only a select group of minders to define the terms for the ignorant masses. Trust them to know what’s best for you, (drum roll, please) because they care about the downtrodden, the have-nots, the blind, the sick, the poor and the list goes on…

  5. JK

    Indeed Wow! Minta, I’m marvelling at your reduction (I copy an paste to do two, maybe more, things – I’ve “abit of an issue, it would appear some few more days … stay tuned)

    “In just the past few weeks, battlefields of Progressive sound and fury have developed around narratives involving a multifarious concatenation of issues, including UVa, Gamergate, a scientist’s sartorial splendor, Ferguson, gruberisms, the U.S. president’s power, … It’s extraordinary how many Leftists recently have actually put into words the belief that it is Evil and Hateful to bring up Facts and the Truth when one is discussing A Higher Cause.”

    I’d cautiously add … and in the Pursuit of the Higher Cause, … are pretty effectively (it would appear) as Archie might’ve put it, “Stifled dissent.”

    (Spelling errors perhaps – my “desk” has been taken offline & I can’t see what I’ve typed.) Oh, and all, keep in mind “open Skies” … if you think you saw a MIG – don’t bother calling NORAD.

  6. Michael Adams

    All of you, even MMM, who, if she does not know everything, you could not prove it by me, need to read Systems of Survival by the late Jane Jacobs. It is not a camp craft book. It’s fairly short, so just read it. She posits two groups of ethical principles, which she names “syndromes” . The Guardians live by one set of rules, and everyone agrees that these rules are good, for the Guardians, and good for us, when they follow them. Guardians incloude the military, and, once a decision is made, good Guardians do not discuss further. The other syndrome, which names Commercial, (aka Bourgeois) applies different rules. Commercials do business, and honesty and open discussion are much more important, even vital, in business. Obedience to authority, even lying, to protect the secrets of the Guardians, is perfectly fine, within that syndrome.

    The US was founded as a bourgeois republic, with many of the rules woven into something called a Constitution We were a Commercial dominant nation, one of the first, one of the few. We get so bogged down when we try to apply Commercial rules to the guardians. They do not believe in discussion, or dissent for the sake of the task, and frankly lie and throw out chum, essentially to stop all that damned DISCUSSION. Obama says it over and over again, we need to eat our peas, get in line, do his bidding. I liked my commercial republic very much, thank you. I hate, even now, my interactions with the Guardians, like the DMV, or the Nursing Board, or any other government agency. Despite all the chum thrown overboard about how they protect the public, a clear-eyed analysis of these conglomerations of Guardian values fails to show any meaningful, quantifiable evidence that they do any such thing.I see incompetent nurses at work all the time. whose CEU credits and license fees are all in order. I maintain my vehicle’s registration and inspection, but there are wrecks and vehicle thefts all the time, and rigorous defensive driving is my only slim protection. Those of us who live in the real world can extrapolate from these experiences that “gun control”, for example, would hamper law-abiding citizens, while the criminals would be free to do their worst, as people now drives without a license or registration, When health care decisions are made according to Guardian principles, as has been happening in the VA for decades, patients suffer, and sometimes, die,so we do not want Guardian health care. Read the book. Begin to apply her classification to your own personal experience, and see what order she brings to your thinking on these things.

    Before the development of the periodic table, chemistry was a jumble of confusing and unrelated data. Since its inception, chemistry may n ot be easy, but it does make sense.Systems is a good theory, that works like all good theories.

  7. Michael Adams

    Oops! Really bad proof-reading. Humble apologies. Haste doth make waste.

  8. Thanks Michael, I’m going to check out that book and yes, I agree, MMM is pretty brilliant.

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