Candid camera?

Haven’t been following this Ferguson, MO mess closely, so perhaps someone can fill me in or answer this question. With all these eyewitness accounts, surely there is a cell phone video or photo to corroborate the murdered in cold blood version, right?


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4 responses to “Candid camera?

  1. Michael Adams


  2. Yes, yes, I know how dare one not be convulsed with righteous rage at the evil racist cops killing an angelic young black child. Even worse, how dare one state the obvious, that with so many “eyewitness” accounts there haven’t been any cell phone photos or video plastered across TV screens. Just the same reliable race-baiters/social justice mouthpieces and of course, Eric Holder saw fit to respond immediately to this “crime”, when I’ve been waiting for years for him to come clean on “fast and furious”.

  3. Michael Adams

    Well, we are so racist that the mere fact that Eric Holder is involved is enough to settle the issue. Earlier in the day, I had heard a Black minister in Ferguson saying that he was skeptical because Sharpton was involved. I suppose I pick my markers by different criteria. However, when I wrote that comment Friday evening I had not seen the store video of the “child” in question. Shazzam! Thar “kid” was a linebacker! He was huge. Any ordinary struggle would turn lethal in the twinkling of an eye.

    I also read that all six hundred or so looters who were arrested were not even from Ferguson. However, that seems to have dropped off most of the RADAR screens.

    Bill Whittle thinks that dramatization in some form is the only way to reach people. I say that if anyone can do short didactic presentations that could begin to unravel the tangled skein of lies fed through the media and the schools, he’s the guy. I am older than you, so that Ronald Reagan speech, in 1964, on television for Barry Goldwater, I saw it live. It took another twenty six years, but that speech changed America. If we could agree on a candidate, and run ‘Whittles’ for a year, we might just take back the country from the Communists’ brain rot.

    Since the topic, at least peripherally, was race, I’ll add that Black people would benefit from such a change, too.

    • “short didactic presentations that could begin to unravel the tangled skein of lies fed through the media and the schools”

      Michael, You and I had this very same idea, except mine is part of larger endeavor, that I euphemistically refer to as rebuilding the American Team. Then again, I am the person who dreamed up an entire war plan for a revolution without a single shot ever being fired, lol. And I even borrowed that COIN “winning the hearts and minds” for my counter-insurgency effort, lol.

      Love Bill Whittle’s presentations btw:-)

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