Please define our broader strategy Mr. President

Parsing 101: say what you think people want to hear, but make sure you counter all those things with careful parsing. Let’s dissect President Obama’s weekly address, the talking out of both sides of your mouth technique.

“We have Americans serving across Iraq, including our embassy in Baghdad, and we’ll do whatever is needed to protect our people.

“But when there’s a situation like the one on this mountain—when countless innocent people are facing a massacre, and when we have the ability to help prevent it—the United States can’t just look away. That’s not who we are. We’re Americans.  We act.  We lead.  And that’s what we’re going to do on that mountain.  As one American who wrote to me yesterday said, “it is the right thing to do.””

then he follows these with:

“As Commander-in-Chief, I will not allow the United States to be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq.  American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq, because there’s no American military solution to the larger crisis there.”

So, in paragraph 5, he completely makes a mockery of his statements that:  “we’ll do whatever is needed to protect our people.”

He rambles on a bit more about our broader strategy in Iraq, but alas, there is no broader strategy , only a repeat of his “zero footprint” strategy that led to weapons being funneled to ” Syrian freedom fighters”, who turned out to be Islamist zealots (aka the ISIS/ISIL he’s now bombing) – just don’t fly low, because they probably have the manpads you allowed to flow from your previous Libyan/Syrian debacles (funneling weapons).  In light, of this leader-from-behind’s track record, one can only believe that his assurances that “we’ll do whatever is needed to protect our people” ring a bit hollow.

They say actions speak louder than words, so he followed this speech to let our enemies know he means business, really he does, by going on vacation for two weeks.

In recent days, Jake Tapper asked  WH Deputy National Security Advisor, Tony Blinken, about the President’s total misunderstanding of the threat ISIS poses, when earlier this year when he compared ISIS to a JV basketball team.  More parsing and spinning, with Blinken blabbering on about how ISIS doesn’t pose a threat to us, here in America.

This is the President who orchestrated this border crisis, where illegals and our enemies stampede across our southern border and this President doesn’t even want the border agents to stop them.  Yes, this President’s assurances that he will protect you here at home are about as truthful as the ones he uttered about protecting Americans serving in Iraq.  His DHS is more concerned about the threat from law-abiding, conservative Americans than they are about Al Qaeda, ISIS, criminal gangs /thugs from Central America, or any other foreign enemies.   And once the strawmen defenses go up in flames, never fear, because with this administration, at the end of the day, everything is still GWB’s fault.

PS:  JK fact-checked the Zero Footprint piece from The Last Refuge blog yesterday and he offers this additional bit of information:

Pretty exhaustive LB (name changed, because I prefer LB here). And, in the wider scope of things I won’t be making any wide disagreements.

But. And “I think” it was in part three – I’m going on memory so – about where that pic of McCain standing next to the known ISIL kidnapper/terrorist there was a paragraph/sentence the gist of was this:

“Nobody could have possibly foreseen how fucked up this Libyan adventure would become.”

If it’s convenient for you, read from page 7 through page eleven. If pressed for time, just read the final sentence on page eleven.

Now – abit of background first – twenty-three Libyans were taken off the field in the vicinity of Kirkuk (Iraq 04) and transferred to Gitmo where they remained in US custody until Condi Rice and Buddy Muammar had their lovefest in 2006. Perhaps by pure dumb luck, McCain and Senator Graham visited Tripoli a week later then, when they got back to DC they proceeded with the genius idea to “as a gesture of goodwill” convince GW to release the Libyan detainees into Sa’id Gaddafy’s tender care.

The first five or so paragraphs should be sufficient.


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13 responses to “Please define our broader strategy Mr. President

  1. JK

    I omitted somebody from the McCain/Graham tête-à-tête in Tripoli way-back when … because the fellow is no longer in government. But leaving the guy out there’s the implication I’m saying “only Old Republican War-horses” came up with the Genius Thing.

    Nothing could be further from the truth – the third member of the triumvirate was a fellow named Lieberman. In a spirit of true bi-partisanship.

    • Thank you JK, for your always diligent fact-finding and fact-checking. Someday, I hope my skills will match yours. Plus you have that advantage of avoiding looking through partisan prisms, as that Herbert Meyer booklet called it. I fall prey to the partisan prism thingy often, but I am improving.

  2. JK

    Well LB, it is well and truly good to always bear in mind – as a mentor well and truly pointed out to me

    “To accomplish the Monumentally Dumb in matters of war, it requires is the Washington DC version of Consensus.”

  3. JK

    MAYBE a coup.

    Or, and just how these things go in and around Baghdad, maybe some version of a (hooray/birthday/whatever) party.


    Being as LB’s … well not actually LB properly speaking, exactly, … oh all right somebody else – generally unfit to keep secrets

    You read it here first!

    • JK, I may prefer to putter around my kitchen and bake cookies, but I am fit to keep secrets, just no longer “have a need to know” or the clearance for any. And I like it that way – open source all the way for me;-)

  4. JK

    A “Hooray Party” apparently.

    I get excited sometimes …

    Me’n Pharaoh Putt have more’n a few differences generally speaking …

    (I being ill-advised to assign LB, any sort of “motto” to your site. Senator McCain, General Keane & Eliza O’Bagy notwithstanding.

    I guess we’ll see.)

  5. JK

    keeping to LB, unambiguous

    not thee


  6. Kinnison

    Of course ISIS has manpads supplied to them by the CIA from Libyan stocks via Turkey, and possibly even more potent anti-aircraft missiles they captured from Assad’s forces or the peerless Iraqi Army. And the definition of “low and slow” for aircraft is big, slow C-130 and C-17 cargo birds trying to hit specific LZs with parachuted loads of relief supplies—plus weapons and ammo for the Kurdish Peshmerga. We WILL lose planes and crews. It’s only a matter of time. To what end? What’s the long-term strategy? We learned to our chagrin at the beginning of the Iraq War that high-tech aerial “shock and awe” simply can’t do the job against a determined foe, even a 3rd world one. Stand by for yet another Obama foreign policy debacle. Send in the clowns. (Kerry?)

    • Thanks for weighing in Kinnison and I agree completely. This administration spends more time planning their spin strategy than they do military strategy and grand strategy certainly rests far beyond their capabilities.

  7. JK

    “Send in the clowns?”

    Maybe. But I’m figuring it’ll be

    The Four Horse[wo]men of the Apocalypse.

    Sammy Powers, Vicky Nuland, Valery Jarret, and Suzy Rice.

    (And somebody in the WH needs to pin Sammy down and get a DNA swab – lately she’s taken an uncanny resemblance to James Carville.)

  8. JK

    (Wha … ? You didn’t LB take the “Straight-Man Role” even with me adding Mister Carville?
    Well you recall Rush tagged Pharoah Putt as the ‘Messiah’ waaaay back and, given this current situation with ISIL coupled to “our” needing a real Walks On Water sorta guy long about yesterday well, I was appropriating Rush’s assignation perhaps obscurely I’ll admit?

    Comes down of course to how I spelled the Horse[wo]men’s names, the Biblical reference … and of course “our” needing just now for a real WH Messiah to be borned. Dispensing with a full course nativity set-up I was going for what nonetheless, was a hoped for query.

    Since all this is coming outta the East. And … the need just now might be greater … I added an “extra.”

    The Four Ys Wimmen.

    Yeah I know.


  9. JK

    Well. Though it took abit longer than I expected, y’all did read it here first.

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