Obama’s girls strike again….

The bimbos at the US State Department strike again (ok GMD, they really are bimbos) … this time it was Marie Harf’s turn to make a complete fool of herself (and the United States), because these amateur nincompoops are the face the world puts on us. Hot Air blog offers, “U.S. State Dept. accuses Russia of acts of war against Ukraine” and the British UK Telegraph ran with, “MH17: US says Russia planning to send rebels ‘more powerful’ rocket launchers”.

Why the Obama administration continues to allow these clueless twits at the State Department to discuss military matters, I have no idea, and one can only wonder who is providing them with the analysis, but their “information” lacks credibility and makes us look like a banana republic.  After this national nightmare, known as the Obama presidency, is over, perhaps these women at the State Department can offer their services to North Korea, as their “information” is beginning to sound much like that propaganda.  Hey, Dennis Rodman would probably even volunteer to do the honors of introducing these ladies to Kim Jong Un.

I apologize in advance for posting so much of  KGS Nightwatch’s 7/25/2014 edition, but the comments on this latest State Department news release explain the matter brilliantly and  succinctly (plus I laughed at the dry humor at the choice of words):


“Comment: Today’s statement contains less information than meets the ear. The first red flag is the admission that the new evidence is human source information, not radio intercepts or imagery. Human source information is not the best evidence of military events that are observable by technological collectors. Such military events include convoy movements and artillery shelling from Russia.

US TV ran video clips of artillery fire, although the source of the information about shelling is from human sources, according to State, not ground-based video or other imagery sources. The video was file footage, but not labeled as such. Nor did it identify whose guns were firing and where the firing occurred. It was electronic age disinformation.

Another concern is that the shelling has been taking place for days to weeks, according to the press conference. However, no Ukrainian regime, army or National Guard propagandists or spokesmen have made claims about Russian artillery fire. It is inconceivable that Kyiv would remain silent about an act of aggression of this magnitude.

The third concern is the admission that some human sources reported that Russia “intends” to deliver heavier weapons and more powerful rocket launchers to the separatists. Intent, a mental condition, may be inferred from behavior of some kind: words spoken or physical action taken or both. Thus, for this evidence to be credible someone had to have heard someone else speaking or to have seen physical activities that imply intent, but not planning. The sources did not report that Russia “plans” to deliver equipment, only that it intends to do so. The State Department spokesperson also was not questioned about what people in the Russian leadership have this intent or when they formulated it and intend to act on it.

Finally, a Russian decision to provide more and heavier weapons to the separatists plus artillery fire support would mark a major shift in Russian policy for handling the Ukraine situation. The evidence could be accurate, but a shift of this magnitude would have many ripple effects in the open source information domain for many reasons. Those ripples have not been reported by any open sources.

At this point, today’s press statement featured an unprofessional disclosure of raw intelligence. The shelling has not occurred. The other information is unconfirmed.“(my emphasis)

There you have it folks – trust KGS Nightwatch to provide brilliant analysis and blunt …. “unconfirmed” and “unprofessional”…..  yep, Obama and his girls at work, yay for “girl power” taking over military matters in America.

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