“Messages of mhere” again….

Here’s a laugh, “Hillary Clinton blamed Bill’s sex addiction on the abuse he suffered as a child by his mother, new book reveals”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/new-book-hillary-clinton-blamed-bill-sex-addiction-abuse-child-article-1.1877769#ixzz38M9VWJtA

The woman, who will go to extraordinary lengths to silence other women, speaks about his child abuse, yet I have always wondered what made her the dangerous megalomaniac she turned out to be.

Oh my this story brought back nightmare memories, yep, I hearken back to my “Messages of mhere” story, in the Archives on the right side of my blog.  Oh, I long to someday offer the public decoder key to this story……… kind of like one of those old FBI stories, “the names have been changed, to protect the innocent”, except in this topsy-turvy world, I had to change the names to protect myself from the most powerful political machine in America, lol.  And I doubt this FBI would try to protect my rights.

Now in my story, here are some missing details.  I think it’s safe though to mention that the politics message boards mhere mentioned were the Excite message boards.  And I’d like to add that mhere wrote some letters during the long ago war that ended up at the Department of the Army and caused a stir, which angered the military leader, americanrommel,  mentioned in the story.  So, when the topic mhere wrote about on those Excite message boards happened, mhere suspected thatwitch2016 sent her sewer rats looking to find out who “mhere” was and they connected with americanrommel, who was by this time a favorite general of presidentmendacity.

Does the story start to make more sense now?  mhere doesn’t have any power, money or way to “prove” her story, and after all, as the story states, she was diagnosed by a real live shrink, arrogantass#1,  as being nuts and no one, not even her family, would listen to her.   It can be proved that she was handled quite irregularly while involuntarily committed, held for 18 days, then a hearing scheduled without even notifying her of it.  Her husband was called at night by arrogantass#1 to convince him that mhere should be locked away in a state mental hospital permanently, even though she was perfectly coherent, showered and dressed without any supervision, was completely aware of her surroundings, could communicate.  She refused to take any medication and refused to cooperate with their “treatment plan”.

All of the people mentioned in the story  (and more unmentioned ones too) who interacted with mhere in that facility can testify as to her ability to communicate.  The lawyer who represented mhere exists too.  Long years later she found a few men to help her in her quest, but still to prove her story is one of those “insurmountable obstacles” she loves to wax on about.  It would take fighting the most skilled media manipulators in the world and getting her story out on the national stage.  mhere has a plan.  mhere keeps wondering if there is justice and if her rights count, perhaps someday she’ll find out….

mhere offered the decoder key to three media folks thus far and none bothered to respond.  She keeps trying though.

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