More border disorder

Watching the political left subvert the US Constitution on so many fronts lately demonstrates they believe they possess the political power to frame the entire debate. The mainstream media willingly aids and abets their propaganda blitz, by buying into the terms the political left dictates. We now get admonished that it’s racist and cruel to refer to these “illegal immigrants” as “illegal”, no, no, now they are “refugees” fleeing grossly exaggerated threats at home. Any thinking person, should be able to discern this disinformation campaign in full-swing, but the mainstream media definitely is buying into the propaganda. The choice of “refugee” serves an important legal purpose, with “refugees” being entitled to legal protections under US immigration laws.

By forcing their terms on us, we also lose our ability to discuss the issue from any other point of view, because they usurp the moral high ground and caricature any opposition as far-right bigots, haters, or potential right-wing extremists, neatly silencing all opposition.  This technique has worked on racial issues, gay marriage, abortion/reproductive matters, climate change, and many, many other hot buttons issues.  We should recognize the semantical ploy by now, but somehow their relentless talking points technique works, as reporters, pundits and the American public, fall into line, buying the new definition, which neatly changes the terms of the argument.  The political left runs on cheap emotional manipulation as the definitive measure of  the merits of issues,  believing that  poll numbers determine the issues in America.  Sadly, the political right now governs by poll numbers too and few politicians will brave the potential political backlash that comes from rowing against the tide.

So, here’s where the absurdity of the situation hits me, Rahm Emanuel, mayor of gang-banging Chicago, is offering to take in “refugees” from Central American gang violence.  Now, ponder that for a moment – yes, these poor “refugees” (many reportedly with gang affiliations) will find a safe haven in Chicagoland.  Yes, of course, this all makes perfect sense ………..  we’re ostensibly rescuing them from gang violence, only to send them to a city besieged by gang violence.  Where is the public dissent, calling “bullshit” to President Obama and the left’s pile of crap that you’d need hip waders to navigate.

C’mon, yes, we’ve got lots of stupid people, but it takes collective hypnosis to not see this blatant LIE.  Oh, libertybelle, this post will add you to another list of haters.  You would turn your back on these poor “refugee” children., blah, blah, blah.  Look, Glenn Beck did his humanitarian caravan a week ago and the left hijacked that, along with these supposed “Christian charities”, whom the federal government is paying hundreds of millions of dollars, ostensibly to care for these “poor refugee children”, deftly bamboozling the media and the American public on this complete lawlessness spearheaded by this White House.

George Will chimed in supporting blanket amnesty for this flood of illegal immigrants today, so the push among America’s elites seems like a united political front, with the Republican power brokers decidedly unmotivated to speak out against this lawlessness.  The issue isn’t whether America can absorb all these immigrants, which sounds like Will’s argument.   The issue boils down to where does this lawlessness end with a porous border, meaningless US immigration laws and complete breakdown of control over who comes across our Southern border.  A green light invites a rising flood, not a solution to stem the flow.  Securing the border is a national security necessity.  Pretending these illegal immigrants are going to assimilate and embrace American values seems a dangerous delusion and potentially a threat to our national security, as this mess escalates.   Of course, it’s easier to do the feel-good, “I care about the downtrodden” sound bites and not be accused of being a “hater”.

And frankly, anyone encouraging poor Central American folks to negotiate with drug cartels and criminals to get to America or sending young children alone and presuming other people will provide care is negligent in the extreme in their parental role – there I said it.  This isn’t like Jewish parents sending their kids to escape the Holocaust in Germany.  Sadly, these poor people are being used by left-wing American politicians as political pawns and let Nancy Pelosi open her home and treat these illegals like baby Jesus and then I might begin to believe her despicable pandering.

Without securing the border and stopping this flood, the problem will escalate.



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6 responses to “More border disorder

  1. Michael Adams

    It does begin to seem that some “charity” needs to start getting government grants to charter planes. There could be thousands returned before anyone catches on and stops the money flow. By that time, perhaps, private funds could begin to be raised to fly these unfortunates back home. These repatriation efforts would be very likely to give us the most bang for the buck, showing that the continued flow would be futile, and thus discouraging people from putting their wives and children on those trains and trucks.

    As always, each scandal draws attention away from the last one.Remember the weaponizing of the IRS? I do. That was still the big one, the one that dried up funding for Romney, so Grimma Wormtongue could be re-elected. Think of this Children’s Crusade as a flanking attack.

    • Thanks for your comment Michael and I agree with you completely. Once I realized this entire “crisis” was orchestrated by Obama and the Dems, it became obvious that they were playing the “poor children” game again. Sending them back quickly would be the best way to send the message.

  2. Michael Adams

    See Cloward-Piven.

    • Yes, I agree completely and I have mentioned that is what is in play and although it’s obvious, saying that will get you relegated as a far-right kook. CNN hired Van Jones to do news analysis and the rest of his fellow travelers are working right out of the White House.

  3. Michael Adams

    Re: “Far-Right kooks”

    It’s truly amazing, that there exists a whole intellectual universe of which “intellectuals” are completely unaware. During my so-called Liberal phase, I was a member, for twenty years, in Austin’s premier Knee-Jerk Liberal Church, the Congregational Church of Austin. I left on the first of January, 2005, even using my key to go in and strike through my name, and my son’s, in BLOOD, on the Church Covenant. (It sounds a bit more dramatic than it really is.; I am diabetic, so I have a little lancet-guillotine to prick my finger. ) He had already joined another church, with his new bride. Still, the final straw was a sermon, in the Spring of 2004, in which the minister preached on a column from the New York Times, the infamous one about the “torture memos,” which I had read, on line, over a year previously, and which I knew quite well did not advocate or even permit torture, nor drunkenness on duty, nor sexual intercourse with another guard on the same shift at Abu Ghreib. Son and DiL came over for Sunday dinner that day, and I was still fuming, and he asked me, “Daddy, why are you still going to that church? It’s an atheist church.” I hemmed and hawed, and he said, “Well, OK, maybe some of them believe in God, but they try not to act like it.” So our adventures began. Anyway, as Bulwer-Lytton would say, “I digress.”I still have some old friends in that church, and, although I was changing during the last five years there, I did sometimes try to talk to them.The greatest difficulty was in the beginning, because I had few resources. When I said that Elian Gonzales was seized on a search warrant, and an older woman insisted that it was a court order, I thought i must have gotten the story wrong. By the time I was telling them that most rich people voted Dem, I knew where to go for back-up. They still did not believe me, even when I cited sources whom they normally would have believed. Still, I had ducks lined up. But, by that time I was also citing people of whom they had never heard, like Jonah Goldberg, read by millions, and totally unknown among the Useful Idiots. It’s that way all the time. now. These Mandarins, nearly all of them living on public largess, are so sure that they are the smart ones. We read their stuff, and they are totally unaware of ours. They don’t even know that “Useful Idiot” comes from their hero, Lenin, nor that they are specifically whom he meant. These people are totally unaware that we on the Right read far more books per capita than they do on the Left. AND WE SUPPORT THEM dammit! They eat our substance and despise us. That’s sometimes a bit annoying.

    Ah well, Bless their hearts, and good night.

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