G. Murphy Donovan’s Thanksgiving Tale

As should be obvious, I am a huge fan of G. Murphy Donovan’s writings on foreign policy, national security and intelligence matters, but his stories about his childhood ring with so much honesty and good humor that you almost feel like you were right there observing the events he relates.   He has a blog, which is on the Blogs I Follow list on the side of this page.  Here’s the link for his work at the New English Review.  One of my favorite pieces is Irish Pizza, but he added a new one, The Cranberry Rumble, which resonates with his love for his family, while dealing with the real life traumas and dramas that most writers avoid.  His writing reminds me of one of my favorite American writers, O. Henry, who also utilized the short story format,  telling richly layered stories with extraordinary characters taken from the most ordinary circumstances. (List of O.Henry stories here)


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2 responses to “G. Murphy Donovan’s Thanksgiving Tale

  1. You are always too kind. Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.


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