WebMD receives $4.8 million to educate doctors on Obamacare

Writing about the stories that the mainstream press buries us in is not my usual choice of topic to write about, but here’s just a small part of the insidious way in which accepting large sums of money from the government can create an impression of a conflict of interest and harm a company’s reputation.  WebMD enjoys a reputation as an unbiased honest provider of healthcare information.  With the advent of the internet, like millions of other people, I utilize online medical information websites or as my youngest  daughter says, “Everyone tries to be a google doctor.”  WebMD is one of my favorite medical information websites, up until now that is.  The Washington Times reports that WebMD received a $4.8 million dollar contract from the federal government “to teach doctors about Obamacare”, after WebMD ran several positive articles about Obamacare before the actual launch of the Affordable Care Act.  (story here)

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