Eggs Benedict

Where do we go from here with our incoherent foreign policies?   Under this President no single foreign policy position articulating American interests clearly and unambiguously  exists, but many hazy, wisps float about, with little focus or strategic sense and as soon as you try to shine the harsh light of reality on them, into thin air they vanish.  To change course requires a degree of introspection that probably lies beyond the egocentric political mouthpieces in either of our political parties and it certainly, based on the past 4+ years, presents a challenge well beyond the most overrated politician in American history, whose foreign affairs and strategic thinking abilities fall well below a level required for commanding U.S. Armed Forces and deciding the weighty issues facing our republic in decline.

Here we are, more than a decade into military engagements, in an ever more hostile Muslim world, and yet this President can’t seem to forge together any semblance of a strategically sound path forward. Certainly it’s true that he inherited a misguided, American adventuristic policy from his predecessor, but rather than coming up with some organized, collaborative exit strategy with our Iraqi and Afghan partners, this egomaniac decided to just fold completely on the ground, while simultaneously embarking on an unchecked drone war.

All those reliable wailers on war crimes and American torture during the two GWB terms fell strangely silent, which screams loudly that they were nothing but political ideologues above all else. Where are all the protestors about an out of control executive branch that escalated a drone war into many countries beyond the geographical confines of any traditionally accepted sense of a “battlefield”?

Nightwatch, the excellent intelligence analysis site pointed out some important considerations regarding President Obama’s escalated drone war in the November 7,2013 edition (report here), referring to the selection of the Pakistani-Taliban’s new leader, Mullah Fazlullah:

“Fazlullah’s election signifies rejection of Prime Minister Sharif’s peace overture. It also highlights a degenerative leadership pattern resulting from the US program of leadership decapitation. First, there is always someone waiting for the chance to be leader. Second, the new leaders are less experienced and wise than the men they replace. Third, the new generation of leaders is more extreme and theologically rigid than its predecessors. Finally, the new leaders tend to be unknown to intelligence relative to their predecessors. Decapitation is not a permanent solution to an insurgency or an uprising.”

How the American public ever went along with such an unethical program where the executive branch operates its own hit list and we silently allow even American citizens to be summarily executed based on “secret” files compiled by the executive branch, with no trial or due process, but only the President and his CIA director seeming to decide who lives and who dies and why.  That a 16-year-old American kid was executed by a drone strike and the mainstream press yawned and took a pass on seriously investigating and reporting this shows how unreliable and politically motivated our “free press” really is.

Now that we’ve set the precedent for international lawlessness regarding our drone war, that fat chicken has come home to roost for this President and his CIA kill list organizer, John Brennan, as they now uneasily watch as 87 countries possess drone technology. Since President Obama set the international standard of striking with no respect to sovereignty or international norms, and his policy is a huge pile of scrambled policy eggs (Washington Times report here). He can run around flapping his wings, but he’s literally cut off his own head when it comes to moral force and setting a standard for others to follow. You know, it’s only fitting that this President will be the prime casualty of his own drone policy, decapitating his own leadership ability more than any terrorists.  Scrambled, over easy, nah more like eggs Benedict, a traitor to our American values.


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2 responses to “Eggs Benedict

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    That last paragraph is a masterpiece! Eggs Benedict!! The chicken come home to roost!

    The Washington Times article is grimly thought-provoking.

    As is this whole post.

    More and more we see that American values with their Judeo-Christian background are essential to the future, and not just for the United States. There needs to be a great re-awakening, or there will be a great sleep beyond anything we’ve ever known.

    • Thanks Minta! President Obama will be the shrillest voice condemning other countries when they begin to attack targets outside their own borders, but he won’t have a moral leg to stand on. I didn’t agree with the drone strikes under the Bush administration, when more constraint was exercised, because this whole “War on Terror” never seemed to be defined in the sense of an actual “war’. We didn’t even name an enemy, so with that lack of clarity of purpose, this choosing to move beyond Afghanistan and Iraq and onto strikes in several other countries, violating national sovereignty norms struck me as dangerous and subject to grave abuse. Obama escalated the drone war, but to little real effect on Al Qaeda, because recent reports indicate Al Qaeda groups keep growing in size and areas of operation and their radical ideology finds more support, not less the longer we’ve waged our “War on Terror”. When this President decided it’s okay to execute American citizens based on their “connections” to Al Qaeda, without any need to link them to specific terrorist plots or attacks, well, that’s guilt by association and considering the grave lapses in this administration’s intelligence analysis (Benghazi and the lame youtube video comes to mind), who would trust this administration’s intel on just about anything?

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