Alas, Babylon by Kinnison

We are guilty of not paying attention.

It’s our fault.

We got wrapped up in our lives, in our own personal problems, and we let the men and women we sent off to Washington and the state capitals stray off of the straight and narrow path and get the idea that they run our states and the country. They don’t. We do; at least we are supposed to, in this representative republic. But we have not been paying attention.

While we were working hard and building homes and raising families they were feathering their own nests at our expense, and the country’s.

Show me a Senator who has served more than two terms in Washington who is not a millionaire.

Show me a Representative who has served more than a decade in Washington that is not a millionaire.

Show me a President who does not leave the White House a millionaire. The days of a Harry Truman, who left his second term in the White House, got in the family car with Bess, and drove himself back to Independence, Missouri, to move back into his mother-on-law’s house are long gone.

Power corrupts, and for that it uses money.

The days of men and women who went to mayor’s officers, statehouses or Washington determined to try their best to faithfully represent their constituents back home, to lead this nation in the paths of righteousness, and who had character and principles, are long gone. Now we have whole families, generation after generation, who spend their working lives in “public service”, who consider elected office “the family business”. We have had our fill of the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the Bayhs, the Bushes, the Tafts, the Cuomos, the Gores, the Sununus, the Udalls, the Dodds, the Longs, the Landrieus, the Murkowskis, the Daleys, the Clintons…

This nation was born in fire, it fought a bloody 8-year revolution to get shet of a dictatorial king and a hereditary aristocracy, but we have finally come back around to our own domestic royalty who have special privileges and are not like us.

There was a time when this nation, conceived in liberty, was a shining beacon on a hill for the rest of the world. Most of the people of the world admired us and for many their goal was to come here and be a part of our national story, to raise their children here in the land of liberty and plenty, where hard work could build a home and no one had to be afraid. Now our government monitors all of our phone calls and our emails, violating our privacy in the name of “security”. Ben Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Now our so-called President openly boasts about how good he is at having armed drones kill people in countries with which we are not at war. A few hundred innocent women and children are the price he is willing to pay to terminate individuals, even unindicted, untried American citizens, who are on his enemies list.

I am not a dumb guy. I have an advanced degree. I wore my nation’s uniform proudly for more than 22 years, and spent more than 8 years overseas in her name, guarding it from afar. I taught U.S. History and Government for 17 years, I understand our governmental system. I used to believe in it. Now, more and more, I am ashamed of it, and I see no hope for it and us.

Our elected representatives knowingly ignore our wishes and assume that they know better than we what is good for us. That is not American, and in fact bears a strong resemblance to the Marxist concept of a “Vanguard of the Revolution”, a special group of elite leaders who should lead the ignorant “narod” (That’s what the Russians called their peasants; nowadays we refer to them as “low-information voters”…) to a better life.

We live in the last days of Rome. Or Babylon…

(The above piece was written by Kinnison, an American patriot, whom I’ll simply call another one of the good guys still left in America. Thanks for allowing me to post this on my blog!)


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6 responses to “Alas, Babylon by Kinnison

  1. Able

    Beautifully written (I wish I could do a fraction as well).

    The past expectation of honesty and probity in government ‘servants’ has not only disappeared in the ‘great and the good’, those in lofty positions of power, but in the lowliest ‘civil servant’ , clerk and cleaner in government ‘service’.

    The allusion to the aristocracy is more appropriate than you know. He cites the Senators (Dukes) and Representatives (Marquesses) true but the aristocracy has many, many more layers.

    You have Earls (Cabinet heads?), Viscounts (Governors?), Barons, Baronets, Knights, …. all the way down to Esquires (your average government employee – care to check how many ‘family businesses’ operate in your local government services too?).

    You, the people, are the remainder in the feudal system. Some lucky few may be freemen but the rest? Serfs and Villeins. You are viewed as tenants, subjects, property. It puts a different complexion on their actions, does it not?

    For me the statement ‘Power corrupts’ is completely wrong though, it should read ‘Power attracts the corruptible’. It used to be, here and there, that government service was seen as a vocation, a hardship to be endured to do the ‘right thing’, poorly rewarded but with a moral standing. Now? It is seen as a cushy sinecure guaranteeing power, prestige and wealth – the rewards are stratospheric and the morals have all but disappeared. Those honest and decent types are deliberately and systematically prevented and removed from ever reaching such positions.

    A solution? I see none, but science fiction (one of my many and varied vices) has some suggestions. In one to be elected to high office one had to have both academic qualifications and real life experience, to have made millions. The person elected was expected to give all they had achieved away and then live life on no more than the average member of the electorate, and post retirement they were legally prevented/forbidden to use the ‘insider knowledge/contacts’ they had gained for personal gain. Another suggested that the only qualification needed was to be ‘unwilling to serve’, anyone with even the slightest wish to rule (or a degree in politics) was automatically banned from any post of responsibility including local dog-catcher.

    I too fear we are reliving the fall of Rome, perhaps we should be searching for ways to emulate Britain after that collapse. A way of salvaging, saving what we can. I suspect it has gone too far to be reversed.

    (LB Now please point out to the ‘slow Englishman’ where he writes regularly as I’d like to read more, and I can’t find out on my own. It’s not incompetence I just have trouble seeing anything that hasn’t been used to hit me over the head)

    • Able, “Slow Englishman”??? I thought we were friends and here you go making me out to be one of those crass Yanks, lol. As far as I know Kinnison doesn’t write anywhere regularly, but he should. This piece was forwarded to me via email and then I asked for permission to post it on my blog. I’d be happy to post other work, because often my posts are rushed and on the lame side. You sure have a way with words there Able, so you’re welcome to post your work here too – when you’re not off doing whatever it is you do in real life.

      • Able

        Crass? Far from it, Dear Lady (you’re appreciated all the more since whilst there are just as many women about as always, ladies seem to be a vanishing breed – see the recent article linked at Instapundit on ‘The Rise of White Trash’). No, one was simply stating the obvious, ie. I need to keep a handy six year old child around to show me how to handle the intricacies of navigating the Interweb and programming the DVD recorder (you have no idea the embarrassment this causes at ATMs).

  2. Dear LB, have care with that ‘Able’ fella’, he’s not a “slow Englishman”, he’s a smooth-talking one! However, he’s right in pointing up the deeply embedded American nonsense that somehow by throwing us Brits out (for which I do not blame you) you somehow changed the rules of the game. Governments are governments whenever and where-ever and in a democracy you get the government you deserve!

    • David, for some reason your comments always end up in the spam folder, but finally I went to empty that last night and rescued your comment. You may have your Dim Dave to contend with, but we have this mendacious fool who actually believes someone else is responsible for his own lies. Just wait, somewhere, somehow, it’s all George W. Bush’s fault for that too. It’s taken decades and many left-leaning ideologues for us to reach this point, but this latest feckless fool sure seems intent to give us the final shove into that “failed republic” historical footnote status.

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