John McCain staff requirement – just be a liar….

If you lie about your academic credentials, don’t divulge that you’re the political director for a lobbying group advocating for the Syrian rebels, but you’re cute in a Monica Lewinsky sort of way, not to worry, you may be just the candidate to work for Senator John McCain…..  Bryan Preston at PJ Media reports that John McCain has hired Elizabeth O’Bagy as a legislative assistant in his office.  Who says character counts in Washington DC.?  The more you lie and display a total disregard for possessing any shred of personal integrity, the faster you advance.   To offer a reminder, Ms O’Bagy worked for the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which for some insane reason our State Department funds and this group also escorted John McCain in Syria and took him around to meet all the “moderate” rebel fighters on his little media stunt trip earlier this year.  The SETF leader, whom Preston helpfully shows a photo of with John McCain in Syria, is a Palestinian activist, who supports Hamas.  Who cares right?

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