A strong tonic for America

From across the pond another American serves up some apple pie baked with some very tart apples.  Just last week it was Gennifer Flowers dishing up her own spicy sauce with reminiscences of the love of her life, Bill Clinton in the UK’s Daily Mail  (my blog post here) and then this morning with my first sip of coffee, there’s a rambling American Pie recipe to fix American journalism by none other than, Seymour Hersh, the controversial Pulitzer Prize winning American journalist, in the UK’s The Guardian (the same paper that broke the Edward Snowden saga). You can read the full recipe here.  Beware the British are coming, rofl.

Hersh derides the state of American journalism and while I’ve not agreed with many of his conclusions on various stories over the years, the one thing I do admire about Hersh is that he does his own legwork, whereas it seems like the vast majority of American journalists these days are lazy slugs, who rely upon pooled information, or even worse, they cut and paste from across the internet gathering their “facts” from many dubious sources.  Sadly, our government often seems to do the same thing, as evidenced by John Kerry using the disgraced Syrian expert, Elizabeth O’Bagy’s, reporting on the disposition of Syrian rebel forces rather than intelligence from our intelligence agencies.  And it appeared to me that her map became the accepted “official” lay of the land, making me chuckle.  Long ago, in Grenada, my husband returned with tourist maps of Grenada, that they picked up at the zoo and the legend on that map highlighted useful facts about Grenada, as our elite troopers fought hut by hut , like the population of Grenada, highlighting it’s an island of “warm and friendly people”……….  Yes, Ms O’Bagy’s map is probably just as useful at determining the lay of the land in Syria.

Love him or hate him, Seymour Hersh ends with a strong tonic for fixing part of what’s wrong with America in this Guardian story: “The republic’s in trouble, we lie about everything, lying has become the staple.” And he implores journalists to do something about it.


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2 responses to “A strong tonic for America

  1. Able

    Whilst I agree dispensing with all the editors is a good idea, his assumption that there are ‘any’ journalists left with even the slightest interest in ‘telling the truth’ is staggeringly optomistic in my opinion.

    Journalism, like social work and teaching, is now filled with those both selecte and indoctrinated by those sixties radicals. Their truths are relative, manipulated and selected to fit their politics.

    Nope, only by pruning back to the ground, getting rid of all of them, root and branch, including those in universities and colleges masquerading as educators, will it ever be able to regain any inkling of integrity as a profession.

    I won’t hold my breath though.

    • Seymour Hersh, in all his self-righteous journalistic purity, often seemed to me, to pick and choose “facts”, which supported his political leanings too.

      Here in America, the moral relativism rot permeates even the last bastions of hope – the military and many, many churches. We’re now striving to build the world’s first Amazon army, despite the glaring historical absence of facts to back up the feminist fantasy, of a world where the women subdue the men by brute force. And many churches trip over themselves, falling in line with the latest PC cause, gay marriage being just the latest in a long line.

      We’ve got a President, whom the majority of Americans supported, whose entire life is one big “composite”, where he gathers fairy dust verbiage to shower us with sparkling narratives, to divert and deceive the hapless masses. A perfect storyteller for our burgeoning nanny state.

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