Connecting a few dots

“The political divide in Ukraine has deep historical roots and can’t be wholly blamed on Putin’s interference. Many Ukrainians, mostly in the eastern part of the country, feel an affinity for Russia, while others long for integration with Western Europe. Ultimately, Ukrainians will have to resolve their political identity crisis themselves, but other nations, including the U.S., can play a constructive role in defusing the current conflict and holding the Ukrainian government to international standards of civil conduct. That requires diplomacy that is deft as well as determined.”

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The above quote is from an opinion piece at, which came from the LA Times on Friday.  Lest we forget,  President Obama places his trust in people like Victoria Nuland, of “F – the EU” fame,  to manage delicate diplomatic issues, like this Ukraine crisis.  Considering Nuland’s leaked phone conversation displays her complete contempt for our European allies, it seems very unlikely that the US has a leg to stand on in this unfolding crisis.  Angela Merkel and many other of our EU allies would be more likely to listen to Vladimir Putin than they would listen to President Obama.  So, we’ve got the diplomat, who brushed off criticism over her leaked phone call (about Ukraine’s situation btw) by asserting she is the most “undiplomatic diplomat”,  trying to handle a crisis in need of diplomacy “that is deft as well as determined” – not likely from this administration.  Even more alarming is how this recording shows Nuland trying to dictate which opposition forces in the Ukraine should play a role in the government and which shouldn’t (good rundown of events here).  So, the Obama administration’s girls at work strike out –  again.

Here’s a little family round-up.  Ms Nuland’s sister-in-law, Kimberly Kagan,  started the Institute for the Study of War – oh remember them – they put forth Elizabeth O’Bagy, the faux expert on Syria.  I reported on her in several posts.   Just a short note that the photos of Ms O’Bagy in her other job as  the political director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force were removed on their web page, but a real journalist, Bryan Preston, took pictures of that webpage on September 5, 2013(good thinking Bryan, and I learned something useful:-),  Here’s my piece:

“Stumbling upon some facts in 5 minutes…….” – September 3, 2013

Here’s a piece I wrote on  Ms. Nuland’s brother-in-law, Frederick Kagan, another geopolitical expert in the family :

“Better than none”…….the leading from behind refresher course – September 7,2013

Remember the Institute for the Study of War fired Ms O’Bagy and for those of you with short memory spans, here’s a reminder of who then hired Ms O’Bagy to work on his staff:

“John McCain staff requirement – just be a liar” –  September 27, 2013

Certainly, Ms Nuland has nothing to do with Ms. O’Bagy (at least I hope not), but lest I remind you the map Ms O’Bagy presented on the Syria resistance was accepted, without question, by the movers and shakers in Washington  and it sure looked like even John Kerry was using that map.  Here’s another odd connection, between the State Department and Ms O’Bagy, another report, “State Department funds O’Bagy’s Pro-Rebel Lobbying”.   Yikes,  Ms O’Bagy sure hobnobs with the movers and shakers in Washington, for a young university grad….  Heck, she flew to prominence almost as quickly as Sandra Fluke and on about as many intellectual feathers.  Oh my, at this point what difference does it make (oh no, I’m channeling that other foreign policy guru now, stop libertybelle, just stop).  Back to being serious,  Ms O’Bagy was presented to the world by the mainstream media as the expert on Syria (again, without question).

So, now we have Ms O’Bagy working on John McCain’s staff and she sure gets around – she had even signed an affidavit asserting that Eric Harroun, an American of Arab descent, who traveled to Syria to fight with Al-Qaeda connected terrorists, was not a terrorist.  Debbie Schlussel wrote a good piece on this little amazing incident,“OUTRAGE: Jihadist Who Went Overseas to Help Terrorists Wage Jihad Gets $100 Fine, Probation”

Hummm, this Harroun case was in, wait, don’t hold your breath, Arizona, home of John McCain.  That’s odd and Ms O’Bagy , whose stated topic for her Georgetown thesis by the way was “female militancy” (I could not invent this crazy crap, really I couldn’t) provided a sworn affidavit for Harroun.  Ok, nothing odd there libertybelle, just walk away…  Then recently, February 13,2014,  “John McCain tweets horrific Syria pictures” , where he’s still pushing for the US to help the rebels in Syria (wonder who provided him these photos btw).   Fast forward and here he goes again as the Republican voice on the crisis in Ukraine: “John McCain slams Obama on Ukraine: “Most naive President in history”.  Now, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, we have total dupes and nitwits running our foreign policy into the ground, heck, make that running our country into the ground.  Oh, my googling Ms O’Bagy started out , because, Bailey O’Bagy (another of her aliases when she was on the Egyptian women’s soccer team.) reminded me of another young woman who managed to make some pretty high connections….. Monica Lewinsky,  lol.

Such is the level of American foreign policy and our geopolitical experts….


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  1. JK

    I knew saving this link’d come in handy one day.

    I wanna join in on any “Bashing Bailey O’Bagy Day”!

    Good embedded link there LibertyBelle.

  2. Thanks JK, I almost ended my post like this:
    “Such is the level of American foreign policy and our geopolitical experts…. It blows….” butttttt my ladylike upbringing made me resist the temptation to go lowbrow, lol.

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